How To Make Additional Dynamics 365 Storage Costs A Thing of the Past

The Attachment Management app is a perfect solution for any organisation concerned about the cost of database space in Dynamics 365. This saves money and reduces Dynamics 365 data usage by automatically storing attachments in Azure Blob storage rather than the CRM database.

By default, Dynamics 365 offers up to 10 GB in data storage with additional capacity accruing @ 5 GB per 20 users. For organisations with large amounts of attachments it can prove expensive to store attachment data in their Dynamics 365 tenant.

Attachment Management is an add-on feature to Dynamics 365 that manages note and email attachments using Azure Blob storage, enabling users to create and maintain files stored on Block Blob through D365.

This is highly beneficial since Azure Storage costs are significantly less expensive than additional Dynamics 365 Storage.

Using this solution Preact has helped many organisations reduce the cost of their CRM cloud data storage to less than £1 per month, by using Azure Blob to automatically store Dynamics 365 Notes and Attachments.

With pay as you go pricing that will cover just the storage you need, Azure Blob storage is emerging as a popular and cost effective solution for Dynamics 365.

The Attachment Management solution can be used for any Dynamics 365 standard or custom entity that uses Notes and Attachments. 

The app enables Dynamics 365 users to retrieve files on-demand with a single click through D365 with the added option of multiple file uploads and previewing attachment downloads.

Built on Dynamics 365, this seamlessly works on Dynamics CRM 2016, and above, enabling CRM admins to optimise their data storage and save money. 

The Microsoft Attachment Management app is freely available on AppSource.

Costs for Azure Blob storage are split into two sections.

  • Recurring storage fees apply for each month with tiered rate priced per GB / month
  • Transaction fees applied every time you want to add a new file, or access existing files

Preact provides technical consultancy to install and configure the Attachment Manager for instances of Dynamics 365 / CRM including moving across legacy attachments as part of our CRM managed service. 

Contact us to find out more about the Microsoft Attachment Management app and how this can be easily used to keep your Dynamics 365 database to a reasonable size and save on cloud costs.


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