How to Increase Dynamics 365 User Skills with Free Training Hours

We recently shared a table demonstrating some examples of how organisations use our managed service to make continual improvements to their Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

Incremental gains can arise from implementing a new Dynamics module, connecting the system with additional data sources, quickly getting Preact to configure a change, or through regular engagements with CRM and product experts.

Significant impact also occurs when users learn more about Dynamics, and when this knowledge is applied to improve performance.

That's why, as part of our Premium Managed Service, we provide a bank of free Dynamics 365 user training hours to help individuals and teams advance their user skills.

Returning to our original table, we've highlighted the training category in orange as each of these activities can be completed using these free hours.

Perhaps there is a Dynamics feature or process that you want to better understand, or a new solution you want to get to grips with. Or, maybe you need to launch Dynamics to a new team...   

Through a Premium Managed Service agreement, free Dynamics training hours can be used for any of these examples:

  • Introductory training
  • Sales user training
  • New feature training
  • Power user training
  • User acceptance
  • Microsoft Flow training
  • Power BI training
  • ClickDimensions tuition
  • Administrator training
  • Field Service training
  • Training workshops
  • Creating training materials
  • Bespoke Dynamics 365 training requirements

Each session can be delivered at your premises, or carried out in our office. Specific topics can also be covered in remote web training sessions.

Regardless of the delivery channel or precise requirements, the bank of free Dynamics 365 training hours included with every Premium Managed Service are available at any time.

The amount of free training hours loaded into an agreement reflects the total Dynamics consultancy hours selected. 

For example, a Premium Service agreement of 6 x Dynamics 365 consultancy hours per month provides an annual total of 72 hours. This creates a further resource of 36 Dynamics training hours which are available at no additional cost. This time can be used up-front, or consumed through a series of training engagements.

Get in touch to find out more about how Preact will help you quickly achieve a step change in Dynamics 365 performance with a managed service that includes free training hours.

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