How to Identify Sales-Ready Leads & Engaged Contacts with ClickDimensions Score Models

Lead scoring target visualisation showing five contacts with an assigned score

ClickDimensions has re-engineered its automated scoring functionality to introduce a new set of capabilities to support marketing and sales teams.

A classic usage scenario is configuring score models that quickly identify sales-ready leads based on an individual's actions.

For organisations with effective demand generation processes, scoring models help sellers identify and prioritise the top prospects.

Scoring can also prove helpful to inside sales teams and account managers.

For instance, using a personalised view, a scoring metric allows an account manager to quickly see which customers are most actively engaging with digital content.

Grid view showing a list of contacts

ClickDimensions scoring models track audience behaviours across multiple actions, including:

  • Email opens/clicks
  • Form submitted
  • Website session
  • Page view
  • Event registration/attendance using Eventbrite and GoToWebinar integrations

For each selected action, weighted scores are awarded between 1-100 to reflect higher/lower behavioural intention.

Each model is simple to set up. First, select if the model will target leads or contacts, then start adding rules that will increase scores when ClickDimensions tracks any of the above behaviours.

Criteria for a Lead Scoring model

A crucial difference compared to the ClickDimensions legacy scoring functionality is the ability to include degradation rules that allow scores to be reduced or reset if no valid scoring activity occurs within a defined period.

For example, if none of the above actions occurred during the last 60 days, this could reset the total score to zero or reduce the score by a fixed value.

A degradation rule ensures that sales and marketing teams can gain meaningful insights from scores that always represent recent behaviour.

Additional scoring degradation rules include reacting when opportunities are closed, or contacts/leads unsubscribe from emails.

Screenshot showing scoring model reset to zero if no actions within the last 60 days

By using score models, sellers can be alerted of potential buyer signals as soon as they occur.

One approach is to use a trigger that will launch ClickDimensions campaign automation.

Once the score reaches a threshold, the follow-up actions in this campaign are triggered.

For example, you can send notifications to the record owner or a team, create a task, add the record to a list and do other actions.

ClickDimensions campaign automation showing a score model triggerScore reached

As an alternative, a Power Automate flow could be used to configure more advanced triggers that use the lead score in combination with other criteria.

Even if a deal is lost or stalled, these automated processes can help sellers react if the situation changes. Suppose the prospect subsequently starts opening emails or viewing web pages. In that case, it may signal new intent that a seller may want to pick up.

With ClickDimensions tracking so much data, these actions could easily be missed, but connecting a scoring model to an automated campaign will ensure the right people are promptly alerted.

These are a great way to improve collaboration between sales and marketing teams by jointly agreeing on scoring criteria to develop bespoke models that will boost conversion rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Score Models feature requires a ClickDimensions Business or Premier license level

The new Score Models feature was added in ClickDimensions v12.3.

If your organisation has previously used the older leading scoring feature, contact the ClickDimensions support team to either migrate your existing model or start from scratch using the latest feature to create a new scoring model(s).

Next Steps

Please contact us to learn how scoring models could work for you or if you have any questions about other ClickDimensions features.

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