How to Freeze Columns in Act! CRM

Act! Version 20 includes a handy new feature which Microsoft Excel users will be familiar with.

When working in a list view that has multiple columns, it can prove frustrating if detail in the first couple of columns drops off the screen when scrolling across because not all columns fit this display.

This isn't a good user experience, especially if important detail such as a contact name, activity date or phone numbers aren't visible when scrolling across a list view.

That's why it's great to see a new option in Act! v20 that enables users to freeze columns.

In the contact list shown below, numerous columns have been selected to appear. As a result, when a user scrolls across the company and contact detail won't be visible:

To avoid this, we'll enable the new freeze column option to keep the first three columns displayed when this view is vertically scrolled.

Select the Customise Column icon in the toolbar, or the menu option, to open up the window that defines which columns appear in this view. In Act! v20 a new tick box appears to 'Freeze Columns' and set how many of the first columns will be frozen:

For this example, we will freeze the Company, Contact and Email fields of the contact list view:

Frozen columns are highlighted as shown above and when the view is scrolled these will remain visible on-screen:

We've used the contact list for this example but the new Freeze Column option can be applied to any list view in Act! v20.

Another example is the history list. 

In this instance, the date, time and result columns are frozen:

This new option can also be used within a contact record, 

For example, on the history tab the date and time columns have been frozen:

This could also be used on the Group / Companies tab or the Opportunities list.

Frozen columns don't need to be repeatedly set as these setting will be preserved for an Act! user when the application is restarted after logging out.

However, this functionality is only available using the Act! for Windows client. It isn't accessible using Act! Premium Web due to limitations with the current web client controls. 

Contact Preact to find out more about what's new in Act! v20 and receive a quotation for an Act! Premium Subscription.