How to Deliver Unified Customer Experiences with Dynamics 365

Customer expectations continue to rise for the number, and the variety of channels through which they receive service, and the quality of that service.

In attempting to meet these demands, organisations often come up against a series of challenges.

For example, many customers prefer to solve issues on their own using web portals, forums and other web resources to quickly find the information they need.

As a result, this often means that issues reported by phone are now more complex.

This makes the task for support agents more demanding and it goes some way to explaining why first call resolution rates have declined in recent years.

If agents don’t have access to the tools and resources they need to resolve these tougher cases there is a risk they will feel frustrated and overwhelmed, especially if they are new in the role.

If these individuals don’t feel empowered, their job satisfaction suffers and ultimately it leads to higher staff turnover.

Of course, it’s isn’t just about the service agents!

When customers are speaking to people who seem uninformed, they are left waiting for solutions or are asked to repeat themselves, these circumstances are likely to see them reaching out to a competitor.

With customers using more channels, in a service scenario it is increasingly challenging for organisations to meet expectations by providing a consistent engagement experience across all these touch points.

Additive functionality that extends support across new channels can usually be sourced easily enough but often these aren’t connected and this just adds more complexity.

This creates a fragmented experience that will diminish service quality and as a result, very few service organisations believe that they are consistently resolving customer issues in a single application.

All of this matters because customer service is such a crucial differentiator when customers choose, or remain loyal to, an organisation or a brand.

And that makes finding a solution to these challenges a customer service imperative.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a breadth of customer engagement solutions that work together to empower agents and earn client loyalty by delivering a unified, personalised service across every channel.

This includes:

Case Management

Resolve customer issues faster with guided process flows and provide differentiated levels of support with service level agreements.

Service Analytics

Connect Dynamics 365 with Power BI to identify trends and gain powerful insights into customer behaviour, agent productivity and service experiences. 

Real-time, interactive dashboards utilise analytics and provide advanced visualizations for actionable insights that help to continuously improve service metrics.

Integrated Knowledge

Share best practice and proven solutions to deliver consistent answers across all channels using a searchable knowledge base that is accessible to agents and customers.

Integrated Web Portals

Integrated self-service web portals that enable customers to search for answers, make service requests, check the status of cases and interact with their peers.

Microsoft Forms Pro

Use integrated surveys to collect customer opinions, ratings and feedback that will enrich data and identify performance gaps.

Market Insights

Monitor social interactions through automated machine learning to identify actionable posts through sentiment analysis and intent tags to trigger service cases and respond via social accounts.


Add gaming capabilities to increase competition as agents are motivated to achieve performance targets through prizes and recognition. Gamification applies the concept of fantasy sports to Dynamics 365 data to award users points for completed actions. This can include KPI’s that reflect the number of resolved cases, or published knowledge articles.

Virtual Agent

Leverage artificial intelligence through easily configurable bots to quickly deploy virtual agents that will raise service quality and facilitate natural online conversations to answer customer questions.

Unified Service Desk

Connect service feeds for call centres from multiple systems to Unified Service Desk to manage this information in a single user interface.

Customer Service Hub

A new solution to replace the legacy Interactive Service Hub, CSH offers a service optimised interface to streamline a service agent’s day-to-day business. This will display all their critical information in one place to help them focus on things that require their consideration.

Learn more about the customer engagement capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Contact Preact to arrange a demonstration and to discuss your requirements.

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