How to Create Real-Time Web Content Engagements with Live Assist

In addition to integrated live chat for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Live Assist by Cafe X includes further capabilities to help marketing and IT teams increase web visitor engagement and drive positive online experiences.

In this post, we'll look at two examples of Live Assist content designed to keep visitors on a website with the aim of increasing interactions and conversions.

Peeling Corners

Peel away effects are often used to display third-party adverts but with Live Assist these can be deployed to promote pages and resources on your site.

In this scenario, Live Assist has been added to an instance of Dynamics 365 and its tracking code has been added to a website.

Firstly, we'll go ahead and add a new campaign to create a peeling corner in the Live Assist portal that will define the content and rules for this display:

This reflects that the main goal for this campaign will be to increase interactions. Controls have been applied to display the peeling corner only for visitors who are browsing on a desktop. Mobile and tablet visitors can be filtered in or out as required for all Live Assist content.

A campaign can run indefinitely from a selected date, or in this instance the campaign has been configured to run for a single month.

Within this control, the timezone and operational hours can be determined to precisely control when this content will be visible.

The next step is to create a content engagement for this campaign.

For this example, we'll design a bespoke peeling corner:

From the engagement studio the branding and content for the peeling corner can be customised:

In this instance, the peeling corner will promote a PDF resource about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We'll start by defining the landing page that a visitor will be directed to when they click this item. This could be directly to a PDF, or perhaps to a gated web form.

Basic settings control the background colour and the border of this content:

Next we'll add an image that will be partly visible peeking out from the peeled top right corner (corners can also be configured for the top-left of the screen).

We've selected an appropriate design which has a consistent background colour. The image path has been inserted to serve this from a location on our website:

The other elements of the display can now be set including a headline, supporting text and a call to action button.

To control precisely which URL's Live Assist content will appear on, you can include and exclude web pages - or have this shown on all pages where Live Assist tracking has been applied.

In this instance, we'll just apply the peeling corner to a single page:

The final step is to define the visitor behaviour condition that will trigger this content. 

Live Assist enables complex rules that support eCommerce scenarios for basket value or when specific products have been added to a basket where this is configured. 

Further rules enable content to be showed in the context of a defined navigation flow, or utilising Google Analytics data that will identify when a visitor is likely to abandon the page.

To close out the rules for this campaign, we've used the default setting for all behaviours. As a result, the peeling corner will immediately appear to all visitors when this specific page loads if the earlier rules are triggered for time-frame and audience.

To add this campaign, the engagement will need to be activated and the campaign published.

Once complete, the peeling corner will display for the target audience on the defined location between the selected dates as follows:

On mousing over to the peeling corner the full display is revealed:

Web visitors can click to access this resource, or mouse away to partly cover this corner.


Another type of content engagement that can be created in Live Assist is a pop-up toaster banner.

This can be configured using the same controls featured in the previous example to have a pop-up appearing at the top or foot of a page.

Regular overlays are available with Live Assist but a toaster display is perhaps less intrusive compared to pop-up's that appear in the centre of the screen which might be detrimental to the user experience.

In this example, we'll create a new toaster engagement that will appear at the bottom of the screen as shown below on a specific URL to promote further GDPR content:

This is created as a new Live Assist desktop campaign that will run until 31 December...

...and this engagement will be formatted as toaster content:

The design for this toaster will be defined using the Live Assist engagement studio with same controls featured in the peeling corner example. 

This includes a thumbnail image of a PDF resource, a main heading, description and button formatting that includes the destination URL:

Next, we've defined which page the pop-up will appear on: 

In instances where Live Assist engagement content could appear across multiple pages, advanced controls can be set to limit how many pages or seconds a visitor will be followed to avoid this being repeatedly displaying. 

An engagement can also be set to automatically close after a period of time on an individual web page:

Visit data shows that the average time spent on the target page is approximately 4 minutes. This insight is used to, apply a control that will delay the appearance of this pop-up until visitors spend 180 seconds on this URL:

Once published and these conditions are met the toaster pop-up will display on this page as previously shown above.

These are just two examples of Live Assist engagement content, further options are available for:

  • Overlays
  • Slide outs
  • Sticky buttons that stay in the same place when a web visitor scrolls

Live Assist web content is an extremely easy to implement solution that works within the framework of an existing web site. In just a few minutes new campaigns can be created to steer visitor journeys that improve online experience and lower bounce rates.

As this example demonstrates, there is more to Live Assist that just integrated web chat for Dynamics 365! If you want to find out more about Live Assist including its functions for live web chat and co-browsing please get in touch.

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