How Surveys Can Boost CRM Engagement When Dynamics 365 Users WFH

Of the many challenges caused by Covid-19, keeping communication channels open with colleagues who are working from home is a priority for many organisations.

When teams are distributed, ideas and issues might not be so readily shared, and the opportunity to take prompt action is missed. 

If this sounds like a challenge you are experiencing, here we've shared some tips based on examples we've seen. Best of all, you can quickly implement these using your existing technology! 

Surveys are a simple way to check in with your team and ensure there remains a good flow of feedback and comments, especially when people are working from home. 

For example, how does your team feel about Dynamics 365? What is working well for them? How important is Dynamics to them? What could work better? 

Through this type of survey, CRM administrators can quickly check adoption and collect user requests that will help to increase engagement and identify where improvements can be made. 

To capture and analyse this feedback at scale, Forms Pro is an increasingly popular solution because usage rights are included with many Dynamics 365 licences. 

Survey Form

See an example of a Dynamics User Engagement test survey we've created using Forms Pro. We hope this gives you some handy ideas for your own survey!

As responses are received, these can be analysed in Forms Pro through highlighted insights and Power BI visuals that are shown for each question.

Survey Results

If you've recently deployed Dynamics 365, or if this is embedded within your organisation, a survey may prove a useful tactic to adapt and steer these projects in uncertain times.   

Other examples of team surveys which may be relevant at the current time could include:

How are people doing? Checking in with home workers, how is their well-being? Do they have the support they need? 

How do people feel about their workplace re-opening? What concerns do they have? What actions do they want to see before they feel it is safe to return? A set of survey questions can enable proposals to be quickly tested. 

What other types of surveys would be helpful to you? 

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