How Microsoft Forms Pro works with Dynamics 365

Forms Pro and Dynamics 365

Forms Pro extends the basic survey capabilities of Microsoft Forms through extended integration with Dynamics 365, and hundreds of apps and services using Power Automate.

Posted survey data is stored in the Common Data Service (CDS), part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which connects this across Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and other familiar applications.

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JULY 2020 UPDATE: Forms Pro Moves to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Forms Pro can be used to create satisfaction surveys and handle other forms to collect feedback and gain insights.

A major difference compared to the starter solution is how Forms Pro simplifies survey distribution. This includes using Power Automate flows that are triggered as part of routine interactions in Dynamics 365 and other model-driven apps.

For example, available templates include triggers that will send a survey when:

  • A case is resolved in Dynamics 365
  • A lead is qualified in Dynamics 365
  • An order is fulfilled
  • A record is updated in Dynamics
  • A button is clicked on a Power App
Send survey when a case is resolved

In addition to these standard templates, additional flows can be created from scratch to fit bespoke requirements.

Individual email survey invites can be sent within Forms Pro. Also, by leveraging CDS, individual Dynamics 365 contacts can be selected. Or, look up Dynamics contact lists / views to send bulk survey invitation.

For example, this would enable a satisfaction survey to be quickly emailed to a pre-defined list of top clients.

Send survey by email to a Dynamics 365 list

Other survey distribution options cover QR codes, sharing surveys through a unique link, and embedding surveys on a web page by pasting in a code snippet.

Contextual data from Dynamics 365 and connected apps can be piped in to personalize each survey invite. This can reflect first names, account ID's and case references.

Using Power Automate to send surveys

In addition to inbuilt Forms Pro response analytics, having survey data stored in the CDS means that results can be combined with other business data through Power BI reports to avoid the need to manually transfer data.

Forms Pro Analytics

Additional capabilities for Forms Pro include:

  • Advanced question types
  • Branching logic
  • Survey translations
  • Sentiment analysis

Viewing Survey Responses in Dynamics 365

Non-anonymous survey invites and response are written back to Dynamics 365 contact records. These entries are shown on the Timeline and can be filtered alongside other entries.

Clicking a survey response from the Timeline view opens the record where answers are shown against each question.

In addition to a contact, survey response are associated with a survey and survey invite records. These entities can be added to the site map enabling users to easily access and report on aggregated survey responses in real time within Dynamics.

Survey Responses


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