How ClickDimensions is Reducing Dynamics 365 Cloud Storage Consumption & API Calls

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Since Microsoft introduced a new cloud storage model for Dynamics 365 and announced API call limits that users can make, ClickDimensions has been reviewing its solution to reduce the impact of these changes for organisations with large volumes of data.

In doing this, it aims to help customers better manage their data and lower the operational cost of using ClickDimensions. This is being achieved by optimising the amount of data synchronised between ClickDimensions and Dynamics 365, and reducing the individual API calls which are made to Dynamics.

Of the ClickDimensions services which produce data, on average Page Views consume 42% of the total ClickDimensions utilisation. Looking at API requests, Email Events (email stats) and Page Views, combined, represent over 80% of the total ClickDimensions services usage.

To reduce this impact, ClickDimensions has announced the following improvements:

Refactored Email Events

With effect from its 11.4 release, ClickDimensions has begun refactoring its Email Events processing using batched API calls. Through an aggregation of results, this is allowing the solution to reduce the number of API requests made.

In addition, ClickDimensions applied a series of code enhancements in v11.4 to remove unnecessary API requests. This doesn’t affect the availability or display of Email Events data, but this optimisation enables it to be served in a more efficient way.

Based on its initial rollout, ClickDimensions says these improvements are reducing API calls by up to 50% for Email Events data.

Flexible Storage of Anonymous Visit Data

More than 90% of web visits tracked in ClickDimensions are anonymous which aren’t mapped to any associated CRM lead or contact record in Dynamics 365. As a result, depending on the volume of web traffic, the creation of these records in Microsoft Dataverse may consume significant cloud storage over time and incur additional costs.

In its 11.9 release, ClickDimensions is introducing a new default option that will store anonymous visitor data outside of CRM.

Visit data, including historical anonymous data, will only be synchronised to Dynamics when a visitor is identified as a contact or lead record. In all other instances, anonymous visit data will held in ClickDimensions' data store on Azure Blob, covering:

  • Anonymous Page Views
  • Anonymous Visitors
  • Anonymous IP Organizations

This will save cloud storage consumption of Dataverse for Apps database capacity, as well as reducing the amount of API requests which are made to synchronise this data. Based on its initial testing, ClickDimensions indicates the revised storage of anonymous visit data will reduce up to 90% of API requests coming from the Web Analytics flow, and reduce by up to 90% the storage capacity needed to store anonymous data.

We understand that the storage of anonymous web visit data held in ClickDimensions' data store would be covered in a ClickDimensions subscription.

A sync option will be available for customers who want to retain the current behaviour that will continue to push all Anonymous Visit data into Dataverse.

Application User Authentication

ClickDimensions has also introduced an Application User for authentication to preserve API usage capacity for standard user licences. Setup instructions are shown on the ClickDimensions Support site.

Next Steps

ClickDimensions 11.9 is expected to be available from September. The release notes will be published on the ClickDimensions Support site. Please contact us if you have any questions about this release, or if you want to discuss further options for reducing cloud storage usage and API requests.

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