How ClickDimensions Connects GoToWebinar with Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you are using GoToWebinar to host your webinars, ClickDimensions offers a ready-made solution to connect this account with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM database.

Whether your webinar audience are new contacts, existing customers, or a combination, the administration involved in preparing for and following up these events can prove especially time consuming if GoToWebinar isn't connected with your Dynamics system.

Rather than manually entering registration and attendee data in Dynamics 365 / CRM, ClickDimensions automatically does this for you with its pre-built integration with GoToWebinar.

With the ClickDimensions solution deployed on an instance of Dynamics, the first step is to navigate to the Connectors option in the ClickDimensions settings menu. 

Login to the GoToWebinar account to verify these credentials and apply a rule that will determine if unknown registrants should be added to Dynamics as a contact or lead. This rule will be applied in instances where an email address can't be matched to an existing record.

Once this connection is activated it'll automatically pull in data from scheduled and recent webinars.

In the marketing menu the Events page shows upcoming webinars:

Opening this example record displays the event detail populated from GoToWebinar:

 Within the Event record, the registrants for this webinar are listed:

Immediately, this has saved a lot of data entry by automatically creating any new contacts and logging this registration detail.

With registrant detail pulling through to Dynamics it opens up numerous possibilities.

Firstly, new registrants could be added to a dynamic market list that references a specific Event record. Using advanced find rules this will create a ready-made list that is populated with every webinar registration.

Another option could be to use the ClickDimensions Campaign Automation function to send one, or a series of emails that will build up to the event and drive attendance. This type of campaign can be done in combination with the GoToWebinar automated email reminders.

Within Campaign Automation, select Registered for Event as the trigger:

In this example, an event registration trigger has been set to enroll registrants in a campaign to build up to this webinar. This firstly adds contacts to a defined static marketing list and then uses date controls to send two reminder messages using ClickDimensions email templates:

More pre-webinar processes can be initiated through a regular Dynamics 365 / CRM workflow using an event registration data as the trigger.

Each webinar registration and attendance is linked back to an associated contact or lead to create a history of these interactions through Event Participation entity records. 

As a result, an account manager, or any other Dynamics user, can quickly see which webinars their customers have participated in:

A webinar participation sub grid could even be added to main contact form to prominently display this data.

In addition to upcoming webinars, the Events page view can be switched to display previous GoToWebinar sessions:

Opening these records will show the high level detail that is captured during the live session. This includes fields for the number of participants and the attendance rate which means this data can very easily be applied to Dynamics 365 / CRM views and dashboards, it could also be extended to Power BI to visualize performance across multiple webinars.

When an event has been completed, participant statuses are updated from GoToWebinar to identify which individuals attended the webinar and who missed the presentation:

By drilling down into the Event Participation record, more detail about the event attendance is shown including questions asked by the attendee, their session time and the detailed entered in the registration form.

Again, this data can be used as the basis to run an automated campaign. One example could be to add all attendees to a Dynamics marketing list and trigger a 'thank you' ClickDimensions email that will be followed by a series of follow up messages to maintain momentum and promote the webinar objective.  Another option could include automatically scheduling follow up activities with these participants.

These are just a few examples to demonstrate how ClickDimensions connects GoToWebinar with Dynamics 365 / CRM, and how sales and marketing teams are able to move away from data entry to focus more time planning intelligent, timely communications for their events in Dynamics.

If you'd like to learn more about ClickDimensions and arrange a demonstration please get in touch and we'll happily schedule this for you.

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