How Charity Hub Helps Non-Profits Optimise Donation Management

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Spreadsheets and standalone apps create data silos that prevent non-profits from effectively nurturing their donors. Data siloes also contribute to convoluted processes that deplete resources when many charities face increased demand for their services.

If your organisation wants to modernise its donor management without embarking on a costly project, this post is for you!

Charity Hub by Preact is a dedicated application for non-profit organisations built on the Microsoft Power Platform that includes out-of-the-box donor management capabilities to track supporter interactions and donations and distil this data into actionable insights.

Because the app runs on the Microsoft cloud platform, it's highly secure, flexible and intuitive to use, and with minimal configuration needed, it's highly affordable.

In this blog, we cover the donation management features of Charity Hub to highlight how it enables organisations to simplify donor management, increase supporter engagement and get better fundraising results.

Donation management in Charity Hub:

Track Donations

No longer rely on messy donor spreadsheets by tracking complete detail about each donation in a cloud-based application that provides a single source of information about your supporter relationships.

Check recent interactions and use donation records to segment supporters and build audience lists. Use prebuilt forms to enter essential detail about each donation, or save even more time by importing these transactions from external platforms, such as JustGiving.

Data is accessible through personalised Charity Hub views and dashboards for real-time reporting across your organisation.

Handle Different Types of Donations

Use Charity Hub to track all types of donations: one-off, regular, in-kind and pledges. Data capture processes are adjusted to match each type of donation by automatically updating what information is required to add or remove steps as needed. For example, pledges may require a simple confirmation to activate, whilst regular donation records will detail the expected dates and payments amounts.

Automated Processing for Regular Donations

Charity Hub includes automated payment schedules to support transactions for regular donations paid over defined periods. Quickly create new schedules without the need to manually create individual payment entries and make adjustments to schedules in just a few clicks. We can also work with you to configure batched processes that will pass payment entries to an accounting system that will reduce administration effort.

Payment Schedule

Capture Gift Aid Declarations

When a valid Gift Aid declaration is received, Charity Hub generates additional transactions for the portion of Gift Aid added to each payment. With inbuilt functionality, qualifying payments are quickly identifiable to create and submit Gift Aid claims to HMRC from Charity Hub.

Declarations may cover one-off donations, as well as past and future payments. Being able to complete your Gift Aid claim processes, in Charity Hub, without the need for another application provides ease of use and shortens the time it takes to submit claims.

Gift Aid Declaration

Monitor Donation Histories

Charity Hub tracks each donation to an associated contact record to provide a unified view of interactions and donations for each supporter. This way, authorised users can instantly check contributions, monitor a supporter's donation history, and identify changing patterns in their donation frequency and contribution. With easy access to this data, marketing teams will be better able to nurture donors with regular updates that will boost supporter engagement.

Want to know more about Charity Hub?

Charity and non profit organisations face very unique challenges when it comes to managing supporters and members. Access our product guide to learn more about how Charity Hub deals with these challenges!

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Discover Insights

Enrich your reporting processing with visualisations and views to analyse your data and gain meaningful insights. From spotting trends in donation types and amounts to monitoring cancelled direct debits and reviewing your top donors, Charity Hub dashboards reflect the data most important to you.

Personalise Donor Communications

With complete donor data easily accessible in one place, you'll be able to use this information to grow relationships and boost fundraising efforts. Charity Hub empowers teams to send personalised messages and use supporter data during phone calls and in emails to say the right thing at the right time.

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Build Out Charity Hub How You Want It

Whilst Charity Hub is implemented with prebuilt processes and features to help you get started right away, the application is agile and will scale to accommodate more functions. This gives you the flexibility to ensure you have all the functionality you need without having unnecessary elements cluttering up your system. For example, enable out-of-the-box membership capabilities if your organisation requires membership management.

Connect Your Applications

Because Charity Hub runs on the Microsoft Power Platform, it natively connects to other Microsoft cloud products, such as Outlook, SharePoint, other Power Apps and Dynamics 365 modules which streamline processes and reduce time spent switching between applications. All data is securely stored in Dataverse and easily accessible across Microsoft business applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each user of Charity Hub will require an active Power Apps Plan licence, either on a per app basis, or per user which provides entitlement to access unlimited Power Apps.

Eligible charity organisations receive up to 10 Power Apps per plan licences free of charge, as part of Microsoft's Tech for Social Impact program. This also offers reduced non-profit licensing for additional Power Apps licenses at £1.89 per app / month, or £3.80 per user / month.

Charity Hub is supplied at no additional cost as part of Preact’s Elevate 365 managed service. This subscription includes continued access to technical consultancy, user support and training resources.

In many instances, Charity Hub requires only minimal customisation to deploy, depending on individual usage needs. Initial setup assistance is available through Preact’s managed service, or by purchasing a fixed-price starter pack, priced from £7995.

How Do I Access Charity Hub?

Visit our main product page to learn more about Charity Hub and how you can start with a new donation and membership management application.

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