How Dynamics 365 Can Help Your Organisation Go Paperless


Why strive for paperless processes:

Going paperless may seem like it’s impossible but with Microsoft Dynamics 365, it's not just possible, it’s the most beneficial path for your business. Creating paperless processes has such a positive impact in so many ways…

Top 7 reasons to go paperless:

  • Save time – quicker processing and easier retrieval of documents increases productivity
  • Save money – eliminate printing costs and postage fees
  • Secure storage – no papers just lying around with documents securely stored in the cloud
  • Easier to update documents – making changes doesn’t mean reprinting application forms, agreements and other documents
  • Central source for all documents – easier for everyone within the organisation to access, from any device
  • Better for remote working – access documents from any location
  • Good for the environment – less paper used means less wastage

How Dynamics 365 helps you go paperless:

Dynamics 365 has been built to allow for quicker and more effective work processes, and a lot of the functionality accommodates paperless operations.

Simple features within Dynamics can help you with your day-to-day tasks. Use “E-mail a Link”, which allows users to share a record without having to print. The activities scheduling feature can help users manage tasks without written lists and post-it notes. As a bonus it can send you reminders for tasks too!

Set security roles for users and apply these settings to control access to shared documents and records on Dynamics, to better protect confidential files.

There are also more advanced capabilities to Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, that can solve other challenges your organisation may face. Power Apps Web Portals can be connected with Dynamics, which provides another means for receiving documentation. Using Web Portals, clients and other contacts can quickly complete forms and upload files, such as applications and supporting documents, without having to post paperwork. As a result, these documents can be processed swiftly – enabling organisations to be more responsive and enhance service quality.

Measuring customer satisfaction can be paperless too. Enable feedback processes that automatically send out and collect survey data following customer interactions, to follow up any engagement. For example, this can include support issues, meetings or even training days. Using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (previously Forms Pro), send and track personalised feedback invitations within the context of any repeatable process.

Integration between Dynamics 365 and other systems will eliminate duplication and speed up tasks which drain precious time. For example connecting Outlook and Dynamics means you can use features like “Email Tracking”, to automatically attach emails to records for other users to view, saving time and effort rather than having to print or send a copy of the email out.

Integrating Dynamics with your accounting system (for example, Sage 50 or Xero) can be highly beneficial too, as you can send and receive documents such as invoices and time-sheets directly within Dynamics. This not only saves you money through by-passing postage costs, but also saves effort as you no longer need to enter the same details in multiple systems.

How Preact can help you go paperless:

Each business and situation is unique, and we understand that there is no fixed solution for all. We will work with you to really understand your requirements, and achieve the best results for your organisation. Where out-the-box Dynamics 365 functionality can’t fully meet your paperless needs, Preact is there to add capabilities that streamline processes. For example, our DocuSign Connector enables sales teams to quickly create and send quotations, and capture an electronic signature, all from within Dynamics.

Interested in finding out more?

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