GDPR: The Impact On CRM & How To Prepare Your Workforce

The countdown to GDPR coming into force is well underway but many are still trying to get their heads around what this means for their business.

As a CRM partner that implements and supports Microsoft Dynamics 365, Preact frequently speak to businesses that are looking for practical advice about GDPR to understand how it will impact on their management of personal data. That's why we were delighted to host a webinar on 6 September with the aim offering some clarity about this regulation.

Our guest speakers for this event were Piers Clayden, director at specialist technology lawyers, Clayden Law and Nick Richards, CEO at Me Learning, a leading provider of accredited e-learning.

Piers provided an introduction to GDPR and shared insight about how this will affect organisations, and specifically what GDPR means for the management of data within CRM systems such as Dynamics 365.

We then shared a series of important considerations for CRM owners in readiness for the GDPR coming into force in May 2018.

Nick discussed the actions that teams will need to take in preparation for GDPR and closed the presentation by demonstrating an example of the GDPR e-learning courses that Me Learning has developed with Clayden Law.

The attendees of the live session were then able to take part in a Q&A session involving Piers, Nick and Preact's marketing director, Warren Butler. 

A recording of this event is shown below and we've listed a timeline if you want to jump direct to any of the main points featured.

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Webinar Timeline

  • 01:56 - Nick & Piers outline the main agenda for the presentation
  • 03:10 - Piers discusses how organisations will be affected by GDPR, and what the main changes are
  • 05:30 - The role of CRM data processors and data controllers, and the principles for data usage to comply with GDPR
  • 07:23 - How GDPR is changing requirements for accountability and transparency
  • 09:47 - Piers highlights three crucial conditions that organisations will have to meet in order to lawfully process personal data in CRM
  • 10:37 - A deeper dive into the GDPR requirements for consent in the context of CRM
  • 12:25 - What should marketing and sales leaders pay particular attention to, and be doing, to prepare their CRM system for GDPR
  • 16:43 - Warren Butler discusses 5 GDPR considerations for CRM owners
  • 19:30 - Nick Richards highlights the main roles within an organisation that will be impacted by GDPR
  • 23:48 - The explosion in GDPR content and the challenge in knowing where to start
  • 25:25 - How Me Learning and Clayden Law have collaborated to develop a GDPR e-learning suite of 11 training courses 
  • 28:18 - Demonstration of the interactive GDPR e-learning module and accompanying course documents


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