Gather Insight Through Customer Surveys & CRM Integration

In a previous post we looked at how marketing automation web forms can be applied to collect additional detail from email recipients.

By gathering more data a clearer picture of each person emerges enabling organisations to better segment their audience in CRM, create targeted lists and improve customer engagement.

In addition to regular web forms many marketing automation services also include survey tools which integrate with CRM to gather feedback, answers and opinions.

Integrated CRM surveys can cover multiple purposes:

• Customer satisfaction
• Post event feedback
• Market research
• Opinion poll
• Cancellation survey
• Project feedback
• Membership survey

Whether your focus is sales, marketing or customer service integrated surveys will give you the answers you need right in CRM to develop strategy and make informed decisions.

In this post I’ve used the example of Click Dimensions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics to demonstrate how survey forms are integrated with CRM.


The first step is to determine which questions need to be included in a new survey.

Using Click Dimensions each question can be set within CRM.

This supports question types for:

• Radio Buttons
• Check Boxes
• Text Fields
• Drop Down Lists
• Text Boxes for multiple lines
• Star Ratings (1-10)

For lists, check boxes and radio buttons each available answer option will also be defined in CRM:

In Click Dimensions the survey designer interface is very similar to the one used for other web forms whereby each survey can be customised with a combination of survey components and questions.

Each item is dragged and dropped in to easily define the appropriate survey design:

Survey components can be used to add multiple pages, line breaks and section titles as well as any supporting text in HTML blocks.

This form designer splits each survey into 3 columns enabling each question and answer box to be dropped in and spanned across multiple columns as required. Click Dimensions uses a responsive design ensuring that each survey is as easy to read on a mobile device as well as a desktop.

In this scenario my survey will gather feedback from customers who have visited an apple farm.

Individual questions can be marked as mandatory as highlighted by a red asterisk:


This survey utilises branching (skip) logic enabling more questions to be asked which are specific to earlier answers. This will provide added extra insight and improve engagement by asking questions which are contextual to the information that an individual has already provided in this survey.

One of the survey questions asks if a customer has purchased from this organisation’s farm shop.

If they have, we want to get their opinion and understand their shopping experience so I’ve added a separate page with questions specific to this.

However, if a survey respondent hasn’t visited the shop then clearly this page won’t be relevant so in that scenario we need to skip it.

Branching rules can be applied to skip through survey sections that don’t apply and direct people to the next relevant page or to a specific question.

For this example I’ve applied skip logic to this 'Q5. Visited Farm Store' question which is the final item on Page 1 of the survey.

By applying the rule below it means that when ‘No’ is selected in this radio button for this question the survey will miss out Page 2 of the survey and skip to Page 3 after the next page button is selected.

If an individual has visited the store and answers 'Yes' the skip logic rule won't be triggered so they'll progress to Page 2 as normal.


In addition to sending all completed survey data to CRM further automated survey actions can be applied.

This can include:

• Removing everyone who completes a survey from your survey marketing list in CRM
• Adding everyone who replied to a new CRM list
• Emailing a team, or the record owner when one of their contacts or leads completes a survey
• Scheduling a follow up activity
• Assign the contact or lead to a new CRM user
• Create a campaign response
• Send an email thank you auto responder

In addition to these Click Dimensions steps further automated processes can be set using regular CRM workflows.

For example, if a customer scores their experience with your organisation as a very poor rating, e.g. 1-4 out of 10 a CRM workflow could be set-up that immediately alerts the record owner or account manager.


Surveys can be embedded into an existing website in the same way that other web forms and landing pages are embedded by pasting some IFRAME code.

However, for surveys this might not work so well if your regular site menu options and other links prove distracting and result in some surveys being aborted if individuals click away from the survey form.

For this reason it might be more effective to have the survey hosted on the platform of marketing automation provider with no diverting links appearing until the survey is completed. In this case a unique URL will be generated and used in survey invitation emails.


Using Click Dimensions each completed survey is accessible in the marketing section as a posted survey:

Each record is linked back to the originating survey and the relevant lead, contact or account. As a result, each contact record will list of all the surveys this individual has completed.

To interpret multiple responses from one screen the survey answers view is especially useful as it lists every answer received.

Standard CRM filters can be applied to create personalised views to drill down for responses to individual questions.

In this example, the CRM view displays recent answers to a single question ‘What Could We Have Done Better To Improve Your Experience?’:

CRM charts can also be applied to interpret and drill down into survey responses.

One question in the survey asks customers to rate their experience out of ten:

The screenshot below represents another custom view in CRM which is filtered to show all of the answers to this question. The chart individual segments can be clicked to narrow the list to these values:

To find out more about survey integration with CRM, or to arrange a demonstration of Click Dimensions for Dynamics CRM please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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