Microsoft Forms Pro Moves to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice


Microsoft has announced the launch of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, a feedback management product to create surveys and track responses.

Featuring real-time feedback visualisations, Customer Voice is designed to support a complete view of each relationship and provide insights that will lead to better experiences.

The new product is separate from Microsoft Forms and will have a different interface. Prebuilt templates include ready-made questions, reports and workflows to cover customer, employee and event feedback scenarios.

Customer Voice provide integrations with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps including the D365 Customer Service Hub, as well as Power BI and Power Automate.

Forms Pro transitions to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

What this means for Forms Pro?

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice has replaced Microsoft Forms Pro and existing customers will be transitioned to the new product. As part of this process, existing Forms Pro survey data will automatically be moved to Customer Voice.

In the background, some entity names have already changed from Forms Pro to Customer Voice in Dataverse / Common Data Service.

What else has changed

An important change will be the relationship between individual surveys and associated projects. In allowing multiple surveys to be linked to each project, Customer Voice enables project-wide reporting using CSAT, Net Promoter Score and other satisfaction metrics.

Future improvements beyond the existing capabilities of Forms Pro are expected to include customisable templates which can cover pre-defined multiple surveys and survey variables.

How is Customer Voice licensed?

No changes to existing licensing entitlements have been announced. Consistent with Forms Pro, Customer Voice is included for Dynamics 365 customers; supporting up to 2000 survey responses per tenant / month by default. Additional response capacity can be purchased as an add-on.

Customer Voice is included with D365 Sales Enterprise, Customer Service Enterprise, Field Service, Marketing, Human Resources and Project Service Automation licences.

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