Microsoft Forms Pro General Availability + Voice of the Customer Deprecation

Microsoft Forms Pro generally available

Following the general availability release of Microsoft Forms Pro, Microsoft has announced its Voice of the Customer survey solution for Dynamics 365 apps will be deprecated.

Form Pro is built on Forms for Office 365 to integrate across Dynamics 365, Office 365 and the Power Platform with extended survey capabilities. This enables surveys and forms to be shared in the context of business processes using Power Automate (formerly Power Automate), for example when a case is resolved or when a booking is completed.

Results from each posted form are stored in the Common Data Service and linked back to the associated customer and process enabling analysis within these contexts.

AI based keyword cloud to help interpret survey results

Office 365 users have found Microsoft Forms easy to use in creating professional forms and the Pro version builds on this with the same point and click simplicity to create custom surveys within an intuitive interface. This includes:

  • Branching and skip logic
  • Multiple language support
  • Suggested questions and AI-assisted suggestions
  • Automatic sentiment identification
Automatic sentiment identification from posted surveys
  • Personalise surveys with Dynamics 365 data
  • Embed surveys into PowerApps
  • Pre-built Power BI templates to analyse posted Forms Pro data
  • Multiple distribution options including Power Automate, embed in a web page and by QR code
Survey distribution

Licensing Forms Pro

Entitlement to Microsoft Forms Pro is included as part of a Dynamics 365 Enterprise licence with capacity for up to as many as 2000 survey responses per month / per tenant. 

As a result, Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Enterprise, Field Service and Marketing licences now include entitlement to Forms Pro.

Additional capacity can be purchased for requirements that exceed the default 2000 responses per month.

Voice of the Customer Deprecated

The announcement of Forms Pro general availability will mean the demise of Voice of the Customer as Microsoft says the latest solution provides seamless survey integration across its Business Applications including Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

Existing Dynamics 365 customers with entitlement to Voice of the Customer will be able to continue creating surveys and collecting responses from distributed surveys until 1st July 2020. In the meantime, no new functionality will be introduced for Voice of the Customer.

From July 2020, survey data will remain stored in Dynamics 365 but Voice of the Customer will no longer be available to launch new surveys or receive responses.

With this clear timetable, it is recommended that Forms Pro is used for new survey requirements with existing Voice of the Customer Surveys recreated using Forms Pro prior to July 2020.

Form Pro now available


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