Find Project Jobs Using The Project Service Mobile App

Previously we demonstrated how Resource Managers use the Microsoft Dynamics Project Service module to build project teams by matching the best available resources with resourcing requirements.

With the accompanying Project Finder mobile app this can be a more collaborative process enabling CRM users to actively find new projects to work on.

Using the free app for iPhone, Android phones, and Windows Phones individuals can log-in using their CRM credentials to search available project jobs based on skill suitability, connections, start dates and job duration and submit applications.

The screenshot below shows a project where several roles need to be filled.

The Resource Manager has enabled the resource signup option that will publish unfilled Resource Requirements on the Project Finder App inviting people to apply as an alternative to making a hard booking or proposing a specific resource:

One of these unfilled requirements is for a Project Manager to lead this rebranding work on behalf of a client.

In CRM we've already defined the core skills that each project manager should possess:

One of resources for this organisation, Fred Doyle has the necessary skills to carry out this work so when he logs into the Project Finder app this vacancy will be listed.

Once the free mobile app is installed it is quickly configured for an individual CRM instance URL:

Once logged in, Fred can scroll through the list of available jobs. By default these items are sorted by skill relevancy, other sort options include start date and duration:

The icons to the right of each listing denote skill suitability. The solid green colour means a complete skills match, any listings where the user does meet all of these skills would be shown partly grey.

The Rebrand Project job is prominently listed and because this is a local 17 day engagement Fred is immediately interested so he can click to find out more...

This confirms the skill competencies needed, scheduled dates and the client location. Fred can scroll down to see which people are already scheduled to be working on this project...

This looks to be a great team! Fred has worked with these people on earlier projects so he'll go ahead and hit the apply button.

This sends an email to the Resource Manager and copies Fred in to the message:

The Resource Manager is now alerted about this application, the next step is to confirm the resource booking in CRM.

Upon opening the project record and selecting the available role the Resource Manager can evaluate other applications that have been made in response to this listing.

In this instance both Fred and Daniel Hunter have applied for the same resourcing requirement:

The app doesn't reference individual resource availability so it doesn't prevent individuals from applying for new requirements even though these dates might clash with other work they are scheduled to deliver.

As part of their checks before accepting or rejecting individual applications the Resource Manager will want to verify each one first.

If applicants don't meet the skill or certification requirements listed for this position they would be automatically declined.

In this instance the Resource Availability screen shows that Daniel is already overbilled for much of this time, whereas Fred has available capacity:

Fred's application will now be accepted triggering an automated email that welcomes him to the project team while Daniel will receive a message notifying him that the booking has now been fulfilled.

Hopefully that's given you a useful overview of the Project Finder app and how this is used by Resource Managers to quickly spread the word about new requirements and generate interest with the aim of scheduling the right people with the right job at the right time.