Enhanced Add Product Experience for Dynamics 365 Opportunities


The 2020 Release Wave 1 includes a long-requested enhancement that simplifies the process to build opportunity records with multiple products.

In the latest release, sales users can quickly select a series of product items in a single step. Previously, this was a repetitive process to individually add products.

This feature, currently in preview, is available in the Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise users.

Watch a demonstration of this improved experience here.

To enable this in the Sales Hub, go to App Settings > Product Catalog Settings. In the adding products section, toggle the switch to 'yes' for the enhanced experience.

From the Products tab in an opportunity record, users will be able to select Add Products.

On a basic level, users can scroll through an associated product price list and click the + icon to add these to the opportunity. If required, the quantity can be adjusted for each item.


A maximum of 25 products will be shown at a time. For longer product lists, a keyword search can be run where matching records are shown and the relevant search terms will be highlighted.

Sales users can check additional detail by clicking a product to expand the description and product ID. Further detail will be shown in a pop-up by clicking the "i" icon.


Filter Products

Filters are another option to navigate product lists. In the latest release, filters can be applied for a defined view or by product family. In the example below, products are categorised between software and hardware. Selecting one of these will narrow the product list to the selected family.

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Keyword searches and filters work in combination. For example, if a filter is selected, a keyword search can also be applied to further narrow down the results.

Recent Used Products

Frequently selected products can be easily selected from the recently used tab. This lists the last 15 products which the current user has recently added to any opportunity.

Recent recds

Write-In & Editing Selections

If bespoke items need to be added to the opportunity, these can be added from the 'write-in' tab.

From the Selected tab, the quantity of individual product items can be updated or deleted before these are added to the opportunity.


We previously attempted to fill the gap in how Dynamics 365 handles opportunities and quotes with multiple products using an embedded Power App so it's great to see this native functionality being added.

Please get in touch for help in enabling this, or any other new features in the latest release wave.

Demonstrating the improved add-products experience

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