Dynamics 365 Managed Service - Customer Success Stories

A CRM system should be in a continual state of change and development. If not, it will be at risk of stagnating and failing to deliver the best value for your organisation.

If you have deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 with minimal customisation, or if your implementation spanned several months, the 'go-live' event is a milestone rather than the end of the project.

Subsequent events will occur including user change requests, technology updates, new team members to train and responses to market change which requires Dynamics 365 to adapt and evolve.

What do you have in place to react to these scenarios?

Successful organisations don’t stop investing in CRM once the system is released to users. By partnering with a CRM specialist and utilising their consultancy services they'll help to bridge gaps between your technology, your people and your business processes. They'll also, fill any gaps in your capacity or Dynamics 365 technical knowledge to implement changes and improve your system.

Having a managed service agreement provides access to dedicated Dynamics resources that enable businesses to keep pace with technology change and be responsive to user requests.

These are also crucial in helping organisations deliver the next steps in their Dynamics 365 implementation.

Carrying out a fairly small-scale initial implementation that focuses on quick wins and minimises upfront cost is a popular strategy. With early successes realised, attention will quickly focus on embedding Dynamics 365 more extensively within the business and maintaining momentum. 

Managed service agreements help administrators and other stakeholders achieve this by developing Microsoft Dynamics 365 beyond this initial roll-out.

Preact's managed service includes a bank of consultancy hours that are set at the outset. This can be as few as 1 hour per month (12 hours annually), or as many as 500 or more Dynamics 365 hours annually based on the size of the project and the anticipated requirements. 

These hours are then be allocated as needed for training, change requests and other Dynamics 365 related work.

Preact is often contacted by businesses that have implemented Dynamics 365 but are struggling to unlock its full potential. If this seems similar to your own situation, why not get in touch to find out how our manged service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will quickly help you achieve more from the system?

We've shared 5 customer stories that demonstrate the value these companies have seen by partnering with Preact...

Managed Service Customer Stories

Source Telecom, an independent telecoms broker had implemented Microsoft Dynamics but their partner was unresponsive when it came to offering CRM advice and implementing their requests.

Upon partnering with Preact, the company quickly saw an improvement as their Business Account Manager, Laura Fowler explained in a recently published case study:

"At the outset, our management team met with Preact to share our plans for Microsoft Dynamics and agree an action plan. This was a good forum in which we could share the CRM challenges we’d experienced, and tell them what we wanted to achieve.

We were encouraged by the experience that Preact contributed to these initial conversations which did a lot to shape our CRM strategy and it helped us to agree on the immediate work to be carried out.”One of the most important improvements that we wanted was to join up our processes from receiving an initial lead through to order processing. These were reliant on manual intervention which made them liable to failure at various points. Today, the entire process is handled within Microsoft Dynamics which is a complete transformation from where we started!”

Preact also helped Source Telecom save time across their business by integrating CRM with their Sage 50 system and gain clearer insight into their process which is helping to drive quicker, more informed decisions.

"Compared to our previous supplier, Preact has been far more responsive and demonstrated a ‘can-do’ approach whenever we’ve asked for changes to be made to the system. Our discussions are always consultative which has helped us understand just how much is possible in Dynamics." continues Laura.

"We have a managed service agreement which means there is always someone we can speak to whenever we have CRM questions, and we are able to schedule time when we want to make changes to improve the system. Preact’s approach and advice helps us make best use of our managed service and it’s enabled us to determine the best solution for making continual improvements to CRM."

Read the full Source Telecom case study

Drax UK provide fire protection, maintenance and technology solutions and its sales and marketing manager, Colin Smith commented on the progress they'd made with Dynamics with Preact's help:

“When I need to, I can always speak to our technical account manager who knows our system and understands our process. We can quickly schedule calls where I can bounce ideas off him, discuss issues and get his advice. This has proved invaluable in helping us determine further Dynamics 365 changes.

The Preact helpdesk team have always been responsive in helping us resolve issues and give us service with a smile. 

The pace of progress we've made has seen Dynamics evolve far more rapidly than I thought possible. This has prompted more departments to get involved in the project and push for more changes. Our managed service contract means these requests can be quickly turned around."

Read the Drax UK case study

In another example, Preact works with leading renewable energy firm, BeBa Energy to support its Dynamics 365 system as its technical director, Darren Oliver explains:

We recognise that our Dynamics system will never be finished as we’ll continually look to evolve this and make changes. The managed service we have with Preact has been great as it enables us to bank Dynamics hours each month. This means when we have a new requirement we don't have to worry about paying a bill - we can just allocate the hours we've accrued.

We recently used our managed service hours to implement a customer portal and this was a good demonstration of how well our relationship with
Preact works. It was easy to phone up have a conversation with them and put together a spec. After testing we refined the portal and it was very much a team effort.

When Dynamics problems have come to light, I've found Preact refreshingly honest in their communications with us. Their team has gone the extra mile to fix issues and I’d happily recommend them to anyone that wants to get more out of Dynamics 365.”

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Global brand, STIHL chose Preact's managed service help them improve their CRM knowledge and open up more Microsoft Dynamics functions as their IT analyst, Jamie Eyton-Jones commented:

“As a customer we know we are demanding and we need our partner to step up to the mark. Preact has done just that. We sought a partner that would have readily available CRM resourcing. With Preact we can easily pick up the phone and ask any question about Microsoft Dynamics without there being any awkward issues.

Preact has really opened us up to the world of what is possible with Microsoft Dynamics for the needs of the business. From the outset they’ve been willing to engage and explain what they do. 

With our desire to be fairly autonomous their managed service is working well for us. We can arrange triage calls to discuss new CRM requirements and use their phone support line to answer general user questions."

Read the full STIHL GB case study

Seb Stungo, CRM administrator at conferencing experts In Communication highlighted how Preact's managed service has enabled the company to make incremental improvements to their Dynamics 365 system.

“From the outset we were impressed by Preact's interest in our business and their commitment to understand our processes.

We have the option to speak to Microsoft for Dynamics support but Preact make a big difference by having a working knowledge of our
system and our business processes. I’ve found their team to be informal and friendly and they’ve always demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile and understand our business. I’m able to speak to our CRM technical account manager when we need advice or to discuss new requirements, and during our on-site sessions we always cover a lot of ground."

These are just five Dynamics stories from customers who have reaped the benefits of partnering with Preact.

Read more about our managed service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and contact us to discover how you can achieve similar results.

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