Dynamics 365 Learning Whilst Furloughed

Offering training to furloughed staff is a great way to help your team hit the ground running when workplaces reopen.

Furloughed workers are out of the loop, separated from colleagues and removed from the cut and thrust of business. Leaders who are facing tough decisions to prepare for when their doors reopen, and keep staff engaged, can take advantage of the opportunity that allows furloughed employees to be trained.

The UK Government has clarified that its Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme permits furloughed employees to take part in training, provided this activity does not provide services to, or generate revenue for, your organisation. Where training is undertaken at the request of an employer, furloughed staff are entitled to be paid at least the national minimum wage.

As a result, anyone on furlough can upskill or retrain on Dynamics 365 through online learning while on temporary leave due to Covid-19.  In addition to improving skills that will lead to higher productivity, training can help to reduce uncertainty and combat social isolation.

Prime staff for their return to work by making sure they are using Dynamics 365 effectively and make sure everyone's skills are in top shape.

Through Preact's online training, we are helping individuals and groups learn more about the product, so they can thrive again when the current Coronavirus crisis passes. Regular interactive bespoke sessions with one of our Microsoft accredited trainers can be scheduled through our managed service, or by arranging a one-off booking. Individuals can also work towards a Microsoft accreditation using the Microsoft Learn portal.

Empower your team by increasing their Dynamics proficiency that will help your business bounce back and succeed. Get in touch to discuss your training requirements today.