​Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights Now in Preview​

17 July Update: Social Engagement Capabilities removed from Market Insights Preview 

A Dynamics 365 preview recently opened in 8 countries for a new solution that combines social and web insights across brands, customers and competitors using artificial intelligence and unique data from Microsoft assets.

Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights preview combines Microsoft Social Engagement insights with added web and social insights. By connecting these insights to a single unified interface the new solution is designed to help teams better understand their customers and strengthen brands.

As the above summary shows the key features of AI for Market Insights include:  

  • Search Insights: Know what customers are saying and seeking by acquiring audience insights from interactions on Bing search 
  • Social Insight: Listen to what customers and competitors are saying within social posts and track how their sentiment changes over time - this includes using AI to detect intent for new sales leads or service questions
  • Brand Reputation: Use machine learning to identify and track individual influencers and experts on social to stay up to date on industry trends and check sentiment trends
  • Social Care: create alerts based on sentiment and trends to proactively identify service issues
  • Social Selling: Empower sales to leverage social media to keep up to date and build credibility through content sharing

If you think a lot of this seems similar to Microsoft Social Engagement, you'd be correct as the new solution partly incorporates this. However, the Market Insights preview also includes the following added capabilities:

  • Bing Search Insights - as mentioned above, this seeks to identify trends by analysing search queries across topics of interest to your business for a specified time period
  • Predictive Demographic Insight - the preview promotes demographic characteristics of participants such as age and gender based on their Bing searches
  • Quick Setup - an easier process to get started and set-up the first search topics compared to Social Engagement
  • Historical Insights - for up to the last 30 days of social data and 15 days of web search data that meets searching criteria.

To find out more, and start the Market Insights preview head over to: https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/ai/market-insights

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