Deprecation of Microsoft Attachment Management Solution

Att mgr

Microsoft has announced it will deprecate its Attachment Management solution by June 2021. Follow the link in the footer for details of an alternative cost-effective storage solution.

This add-on feature is used by some Dynamics 365 Online customers to reduce cloud storage costs by managing email attachments through Azure blob storage. Organisations that have deployed this solution are recommended to move to the default CDS File storage (as part of the newer storage model for Dynamics 365).

For Attachment Management versions greater than, consent to migrate to the out-of-the box Common Data Service file management can be given in the blob storage settings page. Once confirmed, all new attachments will be moved to the CDS File storage. Please contact us to discuss the process and to explore alternative options before committing to this migration.

Once migration consent is confirmed, Create, Update and Delete operations will be disabled in the solution. Only Retrieve actions shall be available to access legacy attachments. These attachments will be transitioned to the native CDS file storage by Microsoft's product team by running migration scripts in the back end. The time required for migration will depend on the amount of data being migrated.

By June, Microsoft says it will not provide any bug fixes or support for the Attachment Manager solution and this will no longer be available on AppSource. Support will only be available to resolve any issues identified during the CDS migration process after consent to migration has been granted.

Read more in the Microsoft Labs Attachment Management deprecation guide.

Next Steps

Contact Preact if you have any questions about this deprecation and to discuss recommended steps to update your storage settings if your organisation is using the Attachment Management add-on. We will be pleased to advise on further options and discuss actions to optimise your cloud storage.

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