Custom PowerApp Mapping Control for Dynamics 365

Using PowerApps and the Bing Maps API a mapping control can be added to Dynamics 365 to show which records are near the location of the current record.

In many instances, it may be beneficial to dynamically show the location of sites in the context of an active record. These could reflect the location of other customers who are in close-proximity to help account managers schedule meetings when they are in the area and minimise travelling time.

This type of control could also be useful for an organisation that uses Dynamics 365 / PowerApps to track premises. For example, these could be training venues, retail outlets, warehouses or any other managed site.

From any record where a geographical location is set this can automatically be shown on a map through the Bing Maps Location API using latitude and longitude coordinates.

Previously, this type of solution would likely involve custom coding but PowerApps enable a simpler, low maintenance app to be embedded within the Dynamics unified interface by leveraging data connector functionalities of Microsoft's Power Platform.

Using our base build, this control enables users to define a location radius and set the maximum number of results. These filters could be extended to query more data stored in the Common Data Service. For example, additional criteria could be included for an account owner field or to include a venue capacity of a venue to ensure map visualisations are meaningful.

In the example below, the map control has been set with user-defined radius of 5 miles from the current account record with a maximum of the 3 nearest records / sites pinned within this area.

This dynamically reveals the location of nearby sites and within the search result pane users can click through to these records.

Power App mapping tool

Within a Dynamics 365 record, the embedded PowerApp is shown in the Map tab.

This display also includes a zoom in / out control enabling users to adjust displays where larger radius settings are applied to filters.

Embedded Power App map control

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