Counting Down to Deprecation of the Dynamics 365 Web Client

Unified Interface Playbook

Microsoft says more than 80% of organisations have enabled the Unified Interface and it has deprecated the legacy web client interface as of September 2019 for Dynamics 365 Online. This will no longer be available from 1 December 2020 and customers must transition to the Unified Interface as soon as possible.

Making a transition to the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface is not the work of a moment and as its new guide references, it is better to get started sooner rather than later to enable a flexible roll-out. This will also avoid the likely pressures created by the legacy web client being discontinued.   

If your organisation is currently using the legacy Dynamics 365 web client interface in a cloud environment...

Legacy Web Client Interface for Dynamics 365

... you should be actively planning to transition users to the newer Unified Interface:

Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Business Applications

Planning your Transition

Enabling the new UI is an opportunity to improve the experience for end users. This can include deploying new controls and capabilities which haven't natively been available in the older interface. 

Download this Microsoft guide and speak to Preact to begin planning your transition to the Unified Interface. We will help you identify opportunities, highlight potential issues and discuss how this can adapted to meet the needs of each user group. 

In many instances this is an apt time to review where your organisation is with Dynamics to make sure the transition creates a tangible improvement for users. Contact us today to make your move to the modern interface for Dynamics 365. 

Unified Interface Playbook Highlights

  • Why the Unified Interface is the primary (and soon to be the only) interface for Dynamics 365 and model driven apps
  • How to get started with a quick test and UI pilot
  • Recommended steps to create a pilot app
  • Suggested transitioning paths
  • Compulsory changes to be aware of 
  • Recommendations to rethink the UI with new capabilities 
  • Measuring for success and optimise

Unified Interface Resources

Check resources from Microsoft and Preact about the Unified Interface:

Unified Interface Reminder

Make a smooth transition to the Unified Interface before 1 December 2020 with support from our Managed Service team.

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