Comparing Dynamics 365 Sales Professional & Sales Enterprise Licences

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If you are planning to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a sales team, there are two licence types available.

  • Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise - full sales capabilities
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Professional - core sales functions at a reduced rate for businesses with simpler sales force needs

In this post we've outlined the main differences and shared capabilities between each SKU to help you select the best licence for your requirements.

Why Sales Professional?

To avoid unnecessary complexity, Sales Professional helps sellers get started with just the capabilities that are needed right now. With a role based guided set-up, the application can be very quickly deployed using existing Office settings.

Additional savings in set-up time for both Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise can be made using Preact's Sales Accelerator base build.

Sales Setip

How Much are Dynamics 365 Sales Licences?

  • Sales Enterprise @ £71.60 per user / month
  • Sales Professional @ £49.00 per user / month

Licence Rules

A mix and match between Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise licences is only available at tenant level.

These app modules cannot be deployed in the same Dynamics 365 environment. As most organisations would deploy a Sales application in a single database, the choice will be to license users with either Sales Professional or Sales Enterprise. Further licensing options include Team Member licences for light usage across all Dynamics apps.

Dual usage rights between Dynamics 365 on-premise and cloud are only granted to Sales Enterprise licences. Sales Professional licences are only available for a cloud deployment.

Finally, Sales Professional will only be licensed on a named user basis while Sales Enterprise can be licenced by a named user or device.

User Numbers

Neither Sales Professional nor Sales Enterprise are subject to a minimum or maximum number of active user licences.

Sales Hub

It is important to note that the Sales Hub app is exclusively available for Sales Enterprise licences. Sales Professional uses a dedicated app and all customisations must be applied using this.

What Features Are Available in Sales Enterprise & Professional Licences?

Both licence types provide entitlement to create and manage the following entities and processes in Dynamics 365: Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Campaigns, Marketing Lists, Products, Price Lists, Quotes, Orders and Dashboards.

Both licence types also include basic case creation capabilities.

Finally, both provide consistent capabilities to connect Dynamics 365 with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Excel and Power BI.

Custom Tables (Entities)

Dynamics 365 includes out-of-the-box tables (entities) that cover most sales scenarios but your organisation may need to create custom tables that will store additional data which is specific to your business.

Sales Enterprise users have entitlement to work across unlimited custom entities but Sales Professional is limited to a maximum of 15 custom tables which can be created and modified in a Dynamics environment.

Customisation Entitlements

Sales Professional licences are also subject to following limitations:

  • Guided process flows - 5 maximum
  • Forms and Views - 2 maximum per entity
  • System Charts & Dashboards - 5 maximum
  • Queues - 15 maximum

Unlimited capacity entitlement is available for each of these using Sales Enterprise.

Which Features Are Exclusive to Sales Enterprise?

The following inbuilt Sales Enterprise functions and services are not available to Sales Professional users:

  • Sales Goals
  • Territory Management
  • Forecasting
  • Product Families & Relationships
  • Competitor tracking
  • Configure and define Teams
  • Sales Playbook
  • Knowledgebase
  • Embedded Intelligence
  • Business Units

How Much Cloud Storage is Provided?

At tenant level, Sales Professional licences receive the same default cloud storage entitlements compared to Sales Enterprise. However, Sales Professional does not include an additional per user capacity entitlement.

For Sales Enterprise, additional storage will accrue as follows:

  • Dataverse for Apps Database Capacity: 250MB per user licence
  • Dataverse for Apps File Capacity: 2GB per user licence

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Power Apps

Sales Professional licences do not include entitlement to run custom applications or access custom Power Apps portals. Sales Enterprise licences enable unlimited access across custom apps and portals where these are deployed in the same environment as Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Sales Professional does not include entitlement for D365 Customer Voice surveys. If required, this can be purchased at an add-on cost. By contrast, Sales Enterprise includes default capacity for up to 2000 survey responses per tenant / month.

Moving from Sales Professional to Enterprise

If at any point your requirements change, an upgrade can be made from Sales Professional to Sales Enterprise. Find out how with this step-by-step guide.

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