ClickDimensions Unified Interface Compatibility Beta

ClickDimensions Unified Interface

ClickDimensions has announced the Beta release of an updated ClickDimensions application built using the responsive Unified Interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The Unified Interface is the latest UI that all new Microsoft Dynamics apps are built on and this is now the default interface for all new online customers. It allows for greater extensibility, as well as a 'design once' approach to deliver a common experience across mobile, tablet and desktop. 

Through this new app, ClickDimensions is able to deliver a seamless experience as users switch between their Dynamics for Sales hub and the ClickDimensions product. ClickDimensions says all versions of its solution will continue to contain the 'classic web UI' for as long as it is supported by Microsoft. 

Its Unified Interface compatible Beta solution is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 online version 9.1.x or higher. If you have an existing v9.1 Dynamics environment that you’d like to update to new UI compatible ClickDimensions, contact the ClickDimensions support team so that you are able to download the ClickDimensions 9.13.2 BETA.

The new 'Unified' version of the ClickDimensions product will then be included upon updating the solution following standard update procedures.

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