ClickDimensions Acquires Marketing Dashboard Provider

ClickDimensions & Sweetspot

ClickDimensions, the leading marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365, has announced its acquisition of Sweetspot, a specialist marketing dashboard provider.

With marketing teams increasingly seeking a simple solution to bring their data into a single view, Sweetspot provides purpose built analytical tools that are built by, and designed for marketers.

ClickDimensions CEO, Mike Dickerson says the acquisition will strengthen its marketing analytics within the Dynamics 365 platform. The addition of a marketing dashboard to analyse and optimise campaign, channel and revenue-impact performance data is the company's next strategic step in developing its marketing cloud for Dynamics.

Sweetspot helps address frequent marketing data pain points which include data integration and managing spreadsheets by delivering codeless integration. The platform has approximately 50 prebuilt connectors to common marketing data sources including Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube and Facebook to pull in information that reduces complexity while enabling greater flexibility, control and analysis. A further connector also enables data that has been unified within the Sweetspot data store to be pushed out to Power BI for wider use and analysis. 

Sweetspot dashboard

ClickDimensions says its Sweetspot offering will combine the existing power and features of the Sweetspot marketing dashboard with 'harmonized' Dynamics 365 for Sales and ClickDimensions multi-channel marketing automation data, as well as prebuilt views and KPI's based on marketing best practices. 

Sweetspot's IP is expected to be integrated into ClickDimensions' platform in Summer 2019. No commercial or licensing detail has been shared at this stage. 

Sweetspot founder and Chairman, Sergio Maldonado remarked, “Sweetspot was founded with the mission to turn big data into useful data, which was woefully lacking for marketers. Our marketing dashboard makes it easy to consume data and optimize decision making, and we are excited to see the impact this has on the success of marketers utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Preact's marketing director, Warren Butler said, "ClickDimensions has seen great success in helping marketers quickly execute campaigns and connect process within Microsoft Dynamics. We are eager to see how they'll combine Sweetspot and bring the same ease of use to data visualisations that will help marketers discover actionable new insights across their various campaign activities.

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