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Campaigns Automation is one of the most powerful ClickDimensions functions for Dynamics 365 - and it's not just for customer acquisition activity.

While nurture or drip campaigns are frequently seen as a way to efficiently progress unqualified sales leads, the benefits of automated messages extends to many other business processes.

Using ClickDimensions you can send personalized, multi-step emails that deliver relevant content to the right contacts at the right time - and notify you as people respond to these messages.

In this post we’ve shared 6 examples that demonstrate how ClickDimensions campaign builder not only closes the sales buying cycle but also how it can be used to support client on-boarding and customer retention.

If you want to get creative with automated campaigns, we hope these give you some inspiration!

1. Awareness Nurture Campaigns

Awareness nurture campaigns are directed at cold leads to introduce a service offering.

With an emphasis on driving early engagement this awareness campaign will be completed in less than 1 month. The audience might include contacts from purchased data lists and recent opt-in mailing list registrations. At this stage the aims are to build credibility and create interest in a solution through a series of informative emails.

In the example below, an awareness nurture will follow up on contacts who have visited an exhibition trade stand:

Awareness cd 770 x 507

For this example, the nurture trigger will occur when contacts are added to a defined 'trade show' Dynamics 365 marketing list.

The initial email will be a personalised message thanking the recipient for stopping by the company’s trade stand.

When recipients respond to this message by clicking one or more links the nurture will trigger a follow up message inviting them to download a catalogue.

To apply controls (and save screen space), multiple campaigns actions can be grouped together into series blocks.

In the above example, the first series block consists of a 'send email' step that will deliver a 'thank you for visiting' message which is followed by a wait control.

Awareness cd 04

In instances where people don’t engage with this message, a separate path has been mapped out that will send further messages on a different timeline to encourage recipients to take the desired action.

As individuals respond, the nurture will send an email alert notifying a sales user who can then prioritize their event follow-ups by focusing on these top prospects.

At the conclusion of the campaign, each member is removed from the nurture marketing list which means the active members of this campaign will always be easily identified from this list.

Details of the contacts enrolled in the automated campaign, as well as contacts who've passed through this process, is also shown in the participants tab.

Awareness cd 03

2. Research Nurture Campaigns

A research nurture campaign will consist of prospects who've yet to be qualified.

For example, this might include a web visitor who has downloaded a PDF guide, a webinar attendee, or perhaps a contact who has successfully passed through an awareness nurture.

Personalisation is a crucial aspect of this campaign so it is crucial that these messages are relevant to the recipient’s actions that has enrolled them into this campaign.

In the event that a recipient has attended a webinar an effective nurture will promote content consistent with this theme, this might include emailing a link to download an eBook on the topic, share a recording of the presentation, or promote links to supporting blog posts.

During the research nurture stage, the messages will be primarily educational and follow a non-sales approach.

This acknowledges the fact that clients are increasingly well educated before they engage a sales person so the aim here is to position the sender as a trusted advisor who anticipates and shares the information they will likely be looking for.

By doing this, the sender will be in pole position when the prospect is ready to engage in a sales discussion.

With rich content being shared a research nurture may span several weeks or even months an will likely be run over a longer period than an initial awareness campaign.

In the scenario below, contacts will be enrolled in the research campaign when they download a whitepaper.

This process could be triggered automatically through a Dynamics workflow that will identify contacts who have taken this action and then adding them to a PDF Whitepaper marketing list. This could also be carried out automatically using integrated ClickDimensions forms that will add contacts to this marketing list when the form is posted:

Research nurture 09

This campaign begins by sending an email that follows up the whitepaper download with a link to a supporting video. Depending on how responsive recipients are, subsequent messages will be sent over several days or weeks to promote an eBook and a webinar invitation to drive engagement.

A conclusion to this campaign might be to transfer responsive recipients to the next nurture stage or to notify a sales team when a series of touch points are confirmed.

The wait control regulates precisely what days and times emails can be sent. An organisation might not want to emails to be sent at weekends and perhaps Monday morning is best avoided too. Placing a wait control before a campaign email enables marketing teams to define when a message can be sent with the aim of optimizing this delivery for increased engagement.

In this example within a series block, a contact will be held at this stage until 09:30 - 16:00 between Tuesday - Thursday. If an enrolled contact arrives at this stage at 5pm on a Monday, they won't pass this control until 09:30 on Tuesday at which point the Free eBook email would be sent.

Research nurture 098

3. Evaluation Nurtures

The recipients of an evaluation nurture are qualified leads who have already engaged with sales. This stage involves sharing more information about the seller, their products, services and their value proposition. The content used might include comparison guides, datasheets, testimonials and case studies.

An evaluation nurture is designed for sales representatives. Rather than sales teams manually sending a series of emails, an evaluation campaign is structured enabling them to initiate communications at the appropriate point in the sales cycle to save time in comparison to composing emails or manually sending a sequence of template emails over a period of time.

Another advantage is that an evaluation nurture makes sure that organisations keep in touch and avoid prospective buyers being neglected.

In the scenario below, we’ve mapped out a campaign that will be delivered over 1-3 weeks depending on how responsive each recipient is. These messages include sharing customer quotes, promoting a free trial and emailing a case study which are designed to steer a buyer towards making a purchasing decision.

As recipients respond by opening these messages, Dynamics 365 notifies the sales user so they can follow up with the right people at an opportune time:

Purchh nurt 44

4. Purchase Nurture Campaigns

The foundations for a sale have been laid, now it’s time to convert the opportunity.

Purchase nurture campaigns target contacts who have a qualified opportunity to push them towards a sale with messages that promote time based calls to action. These messages are sent from the record owner / sales representative and will often use discounts and other promotional offers to quickly close the sale.

The example shown below is initiated by a sales rep at the appropriate point in the selling cycle. This commences with an email promoting a discounted offer code if the recipient places an order within 10 days.

This is followed by reminder messages that reinforce this call to action. Through the process the record owner will be notified when their prospects engage with these messages.

At the conclusion of the campaign, if the recipient has remained unresponsive, a follow up task is scheduled to make one final attempt to close the sale before the offer deadline expires:


5. Post-Sale Nurture Campaign

A post sale nurture campaign will typically consist of a series of automated messages designed to smooth an on-boarding process for a new client and to streamline communications which may have previously involved considerable administration.

At the outset, this might start with a welcome email followed by recommended actions and then drip feeding tips and insight to help them learn how to make best use of the product or service they’ve ordered, and ultimately secure them as a happy and loyal client.

In the example below, a timed sequence of emails are sent new customers with messages to help them get started with a new product and then develop their expertise and knowledge over several weeks through a series of educational emails.

These messages feed information in a logical way that is consistent with the way that new users explore and get to grips with a specific product. Each message includes links to training material and other key resources that are available on the organisation’s website.

In the initial stages, a Dynamics workflow process is triggered to change the value of an account level field named ‘Onboarding Status’ which enables an account manager and other users to easily gain visibility if contacts are enrolled in this campaign. Their precise status within the campaign timeline will be shown in on the participant screen in the campaign record:

Posts 06

6. Retention Nurture Campaigns

To minimise churn, automated nurture campaigns can send communications reminding customers of existing benefits they can take advantage of, share details of recent upgrades and communicate options when a renewal date is near.

Consistent with all the campaigns we've featured in this post, a retention campaign reduces administration by streamlining communications. In a retention scenario, these are designed to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

In the example below, a short ClickDimensions nurture campaign has been configured to contact existing customers approximately 5 weeks prior to the expiry of their membership.

At the end of this process, the record owner is notified about how engaged individual contacts are based on open and click actions tracked during this process that will help to identify renewal risks.


Nurture Campaign Recommendations

  • Send timely, relevant content
  • Offer value and be conversational, don’t just make a sales pitch
  • Have clear calls to action
  • Segment your leads and opportunities to target nurtures
  • Create a campaign for each stage in your customer lifecycle
  • Develop behaviour based nurture campaigns
  • Map out each scenario to define the timeline and goals for each campaign

Finally, don’t over-do the complexity in the first instance.

Begin with a modest campaign framework and then build from this. A common mistake is to bombard recipients with information which will annoy and deter business. Keep the information coming on a regular basis but without recipients feeling that they are on the receiving end of an aggressive automated campaign.

Preact are a ClickDimensions and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner working with organisations to implement and optimise their marketing campaigns.

Please get in touch to learn more and discover how nurture campaigns can improve your processes and support your customer lifecycle.

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