Building an Expenses App on the Power Platform


Expenses PowerApps

Submitting expense claims and managing the approvals process often proves time-consuming, especially if this involves a stream of emails, scanned documents and paper receipts.

To simplify this, an expenses mobile app built on the Power Platform is designed to speed up the entry and handling of these claims.

As a canvas PowerApp, expenses data is stored in the Common Data Model bringing this data together and enabling it to be connected with hundreds of data sources including Dynamics 365 and Office 365. 

For this app we've defined two types of expense user:

  • Standard user - has the ability to create, edit and submit expense claims and attach receipts against each item using their phone camera 
  • Approver user - has the ability to approve or reject any claims submitted by all users

When a standard user logs in, the Expense Claims section lists their active claims (unsubmitted, submitted or rejected) and a history of their approved claims:

Submitted Expenses

From this screen, a user can:

  • Create a new claim
  • Edit or delete an unsubmitted claim
  • Filter the claims lists by a date range
  • Sort the claims list by date (ascending/descending)

Within each claim, a user is able to enter details of their supporting expenses:

  • Log expenses against this claim
  • Attach a receipt to each expense
  • Edit / delete unsubmitted expenses
  • Submit the claim for approval

In this example, an unsubmitted claim of £52 consists of 3 expenses:

Ubsubmitted expenses claim within a PowerApp

When an approver user logs in, they'll see an additional Approvals section.

This lists all submitted claims which are pending approval and from this view, approvers are able to: 

  • View details of each claim including related expenses and receipts
  • Approve or reject claims
  • Overwrite submitted amounts
  • Filter the claims lists by date
  • Sort claims by date (ascending/descending) 
Details of a submitted expenses claim

When an expense claim is processed, the user who submitted the claim will receive a notification that their expenses were their sanctioned or declined. 

As an initial build we've deployed this app to submit expense claims that include mileage, parking and other travel costs. Further functionality will be added as we extend its capabilities. Upcoming features will include:

  • Linking expenses directly to project, booking or order records in Dynamics 365
  • Approver filtered views for approved / declined expense claim lists
  • Expense claim rejection reasons
  • Admin management via mobile app
  • Expense reporting functionality

If you'd like to find out more, including how this app can be extended and adapted to fit your organisation's expense claim processes please get in touch.

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