British Citizen Youth Award Recipient Nominates Our Latest Charity Donation

Daniel Lloyd holding British Citizen Youth Award certificate

Recently we announced Preact’s new charitable feedback initiative, created to help enhance our service and make a positive contribution to our community. For every customer feedback survey completed, we donate to a chosen charity each month.

We were super-impressed to learn that Daniel Lloyd, the son of one of our team members, had recently received the British Citizen Youth Award. Inspired by his outstanding fundraising achievements, we decided to ask Daniel to select our November charity.

Following his recommendation, Preact will be donating to Oxford Hospitals Charity for each completed client survey during November.

We were delighted to spend some time with Daniel to discuss his fundraising journey and understand why the Oxford Hospitals Charity is so important to him.

Daniel’s fundraising began in March 2019, when he tragically lost his best friend. During the time before he passed away, his friend was looked after by the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Daniel was determined to channel his grief and do something positive. As a thank you for the dedication shown by his local hospitals, this included completing a 5k Colour Run which raised over £430 for the Oxford Hospitals Charity.

Oxford Hospitals Charity is where Daniel’s fundraising began, but he didn’t stop there. He saw an opportunity to continue helping those around him and creating positive change.

His experiences inspired him to raise funds to increase awareness into mental health and help support other students in his school. Daniel decided his efforts would be best focused on helping his school improve mental health provisions, by training staff in mental health first aid.

“Mental health is really something universal because everybody at some point in their lifetimes, will face challenges with their mental health. Many people talk about it being invisible, and it is, but it deeply affects the way that you perceive and interact with the world. In that way, I believe it's one of the most important factors in modern life.” - Daniel Lloyd

Daniel’s original goal was to fund two senior safeguarding members of staff through a mental health first aid course. However, following the switch to online training, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and significantly more funds being raised than expected, an incredible 60+ members of teaching staff were able to complete the course.

As a result, they felt better adept to support their students, and grateful to have this knowledge that will have continued benefit throughout their career.

Daniel was also aware of local education funding shortages which meant that some schools couldn’t afford the basics sometimes, such as sufficient stationery. Realising the impact of these shortages on the education of school children, Daniel, and his mother, created Markers for Mindfulness: a project where fundraising and donations has helped provide stationery to over 30 schools in the Oxfordshire area.

From pens and rulers, to crayons and whiteboard markers, Markers for Mindfulness has distributed more than £10,000 worth of stationery. Recently, this included 28 fully packed pencil cases which have been donated to refugees who started schools in Oxfordshire. Individuals, families, companies and even local election organisers, have been generous in donating supplies which they no longer needed.

Daniel’s amazing efforts, led to him receiving the British Citizen Youth Award in 2020. A richly-deserved accolade for the extraordinary work he’s done for his community. The in-person ceremony was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions, but in October 2021 Daniel was able to visit The Palace of Westminster and receive his award.

“It was an incredible experience! I had no idea about any of this going on; a lot of work went into nominating me, including personal statements from some of my teachers. When I found out that I would be receiving this award, I was astonished! Someone who truly inspired me, had also received the British Citizen award a few years ago, so to achieve something remotely close to that was amazing.
When we finally got to visit Westminster, it was great to hear from other people across the UK who are doing incredible work and supporting lots of different causes. Hearing their stories demonstrated how small things really can make a massive difference to people’s lives and it’s inspired me to continue my efforts and make a positive impact.” - Daniel Lloyd
“After hearing about Daniel's fundraising achievements following his tragic loss, we were immediately motivated to try to somehow support him and spread the word about the excellent causes he raises funds for. We are delighted to give him the opportunity to select our November charity and hope to remain an active supporter of his fundraising journey. He really is a remarkable young man and an example for us all.” – Selom Bulla, Managing Director, Preact

We are proud to support Daniel’s chosen organisation, the Oxford Hospitals Charity. We have no doubt he’ll continue to do great things, and we’re excited to see what he does next!

If you are a client of Preact’s, please don’t forget to fill out the feedback surveys we send after your engagements with us; you’ll be helping us and Oxford Hospitals Charity.

Read about our Client Feedback Charity Initiative.

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