Be Prepared for Dynamics 365 Team Member Licensing Enforcement

Time to Plan

In October 2018, Microsoft introduced a new Dynamics 365 Team Member SKU which featured several changes from its launch SKU. Most significant were the removal of create / update / delete usage rights for Account records and a restriction of these rights to a maximum of 15 custom entities.

These requirements haven't been technically enforced but this is set to change with the introduction of new Dynamics 365 Team Member App modules. Release plans for the 2020 Wave 1 Update include new Unified Interface modules for: Sales Team Member, Customer Service Team Member and Project Resource Hub. 

From 1 April, these will be generally available, and Microsoft says technical enforcement of the new Team Members SKU will begin, through these app modules. 

As a result, users who are licensed with the new Team Members SKU will lose access to existing applications including Sales Hub, Customer Service Hub or custom apps.

How are Existing Team Member Users Affected?

In line with Microsoft's earlier communications, customers with users on the older Team Members SKU renewing after 30 June 2020* will be required to renew on the new SKU. At this point, the new technical enforcement through the Team Member app modules in the Unified Interface would apply.   

* UPDATE - 1 APRIL: Microsoft has now revised its timeline whereby all existing customer instances impacted by this change, including users assigned the new Team Members SKU since 1st October 2018, will be granted an additional grace period until 31st December 2020. From 1st January 2021, all renewing customers will need to transition to the new Team Members licence. 

This now provides administrators with additional time to test the new Team Member apps and take the necessary action before licence enforcement is enabled from 1 December through the Unified Interface. 

New organisation instances created or provisioned after 1 April will have the Team Member licence enforcement enabled by default.

Team Member Telemetry

New reports are being made available to administrators in the Power Platform admin centre that cover Team Member usage. These will highlight scenarios where usage is out of compliance with Team Member use rights enabling action to be taken before the introduction of technical enforcement.

In the Power Platform admin centre, click to Analytics > Common Data Service > Non-conformant usage by users with Team Member licence to view the report.

Team Member Usage Telemetry

Testing Team Member Apps

Also, the new Team Member app modules are now available in early access preview for the 2020 Release Wave 1 enabling admins to test and validate prior to general availability.

By enabling the new Team Member security roles that come with these apps, administrators will be able to check compliance, identify potential usage gaps and review continued licence needs. This may require a step up to a full Dynamics 365 Online licence, or potentially switching users to a Power Apps (Platform) Plan licence.



  • New Team Member App Modules now available in early access preview
  • Telemetry Reports covering D365 Team Member usage are being added to the Power Platform Admin Centre

From 1 APRIL 2020

  • Sales Team Member, Customer Service Team Member, Project Resource Hub apps will be generally available
  • Start of technical enforcement for the Team Members SKU on new instances 

From 1 DECEMBER 2020 (previously 30 JUNE) 

  • Users on the earlier Team Member SKU will be renewed on the new SKU and new terms - limiting usage of accounts and custom entities
  • Customers on the new Team Members SKU will lose access to existing applications 

Next Steps 

  • Test usage scenarios in early access preview for the new Team Member apps to understand the impact once these capabilities become generally available in April and technical enforcement commences
  • Identify potential functionality gaps and review alternative licensing solutions
  • Review telemetry in the Power Platform Admin Centre to identify potential non-compliance issues with existing Team Member licensing usage


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