Get Set for Automated Transitions to the Unified Interface

Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

The classic web interface will no longer be available from 1 October 2020 but your Dynamics 365 environment can be automatically transitioned to the Unified Interface well in advance of this hard stop.

To optionally check and manage an automated transition date for your environments, log in to the auto-transition portal with admin credentials. 

This will list the current transition status for all environments on your tenant. A target transition date will be shown for each environment where the Unified Interface has yet to be enabled.Transition Portal

Users with a Global Admin or Service Admin role for the tenant will be able to change these dates by pushing out, or bringing forward as required.

If a later transition date is required, an exception request must be submitted within the portal. This will require admins to select one of the alternative suggested dates shown in the portal.

It is important to note that transitioning dates can only be pushed out by a maximum of 30 days. A maximum of two exception requests can only be made per environment. Once approved, the updated transition date will be shown in the portal. 

Submit Exception Request

Bringing forward the transition to complete this on an earlier available date doesn't require approval and manual switches can also be made if suggested dates aren't suitable.

Other important notes:

  • Transition dates can only be changed until 48 hours prior to transition. 
  • In event of any subsequent blocking issues encountered by users, admins will be able to switch back to the legacy web client for up to 10 days post-transition. This can be manually applied within 4 days of the transition date.
  • All transitions must be completed before 1 October 2020 as the legacy web client will not be available from this point.
  • Microsoft says it doesn't anticipate any downtime when making this transition but it will only make an automatic transition on a Friday.
  • If an auto-transition date has yet to be set, admins can submit an exception request to propose a time from the suggested dates.

Next Steps

If your organisation has yet to enable the Unified Interface we strongly recommend urgent action to plan your transition to the new experience. Log in to the Auto Transition Portal to check these dates for each of your Dynamics 365 environments and contact Preact for help in enabling the new interface, or if you have any questions.

Find out more about the Unified Interface.


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