April 2019 Release: What's New in Dynamics 365 for Talent

April 2019 Update - Talent

Next in our series of posts about the April update for the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 we will turn to the Talent app for Human Capital Management (HCM) to highlight some of the new features that will roll out between April and September.

This solution covers three main areas: Attract, Onboard and Core HR with the bulk of April update concentrated on the dedicated Attract app and how this helps organisations hire the right people faster.


For the April update, Microsoft has highlighted 4 development themes for its Attract app: closer integration with LinkedIn, helping organisation cast their net more widely to find candidates, increasing internal mobility and supporting analytics.

Integration with external job sites

A new feature will enable recruiters to post, edit and remove jobs on one or more external job sites. As well as automating these processes, the Attract app will measure performance at a company, team, and individual level.

Improve candidate engagement via career sites

By deploying an Attract career site, organisations will be able to increase engagement by enabling candidates to:

  • Find open jobs posted via direct search from popular search engines
  • Save job search and filter criteria and create email alerts when matching new jobs are listed
  • View recommended jobs based on profile and application history
  • View a list of similar jobs

Apply for a job directly from LinkedIn

With LinkedIn Easy Apply enabled, candidates can apply for the job directly in LinkedIn the Easy Match button. This integration with Attract enables LinkedIn to surface specific questions and fields for the candidate to complete within the application pages in LinkedIn. By streamlining the apply process and keeping this within the LinkedIn experience, it will help reduce candidate drop-off in application flow and aims to increase applications.

Track the source of candidate profiles and applications

This new feature will help companies track of the sources of profiles back to the origin of the candidate so that HR teams can answer questions such as: when did they learn about this candidate, and from what source did the candidate apply. This will also source data for candidate profiles and applications such as social media posts and LinkedIn.

Apply bulk actions on multiple candidates

New capabilities will enable HR staff to select multiple individuals and advance their stage, or remove them from the hiring process by selecting an appropriate disposition reason and / or using a pre-formatted email template.

Inclusive language checker

Language analysis tools will help reduce bias by flagging any words and phrases that may alienate certain groups. This will help HR teams write inclusive job descriptions avoiding gendered or biased language, and build a library of words and phrases that will be flagged.

Adaptive process for internal / external candidates

Recruiting process can vary depending on whether applicants are internal or external, for example if external candidates require additional screening. Through the Attract app in D365 for Talent, recruiters can build flows that identify internal / external applicants and direct staff to follow the appropriate steps in these defined scenarios which may include providing or seeking additional information.

Integration with a Candidate Assessment Solution

Attract will support the use of at least one assessment solution out of the box to carry out candidate assessments that enable recruiters to share surveys and forms hosted by a 3rd party provider and embed these within the candidate experience.

Designate Candidate Silver Medalists

Unsuccessful candidates who performed well in their evaluation, and who might be a good fit for a similar or identical position in the future, are often lost because there is no way to effectively track them. However, these 'silver medalist' candidates are high value and should be on top of the recruiter's list the next time this, or a similar position opens. 

With this new feature, Attract helps recruiters and hiring managers keep track of candidates who are potentially a good fit for a specific role and should be considered in the future. As a result, organisations can quickly identify these high value candidates from their talent pool when new hiring requirements arise.

Prospect Recommendations

Machine learning algorithms will help give recruiters a head start by scouring their global talent pool and highlighting candidates who could be a good fit for a new job requirement. The matching is based on the skills and experience required for the job and is cross-referenced with those highlighted by candidates in their resumes/profiles. Recruiters can then access recommendations based on intelligent matching of job details / responsibilities with candidate profiles, view individual skills at a glance and shortlist recommended candidate(s).

Hiring Process Insights

The integrated analytics experience of Attract combines transactional data and key hiring metrics to give hiring teams the insights they need to hire the best talent. This new feature will provide: a dedicated analytics hub across all jobs, job analytics for a snapshot of the hiring process on a job, key process metrics and interactive reports.

Invite prospects to apply

Through this feature, recruiters will be able to extend an invitation to a candidate using a personalised template with a direct link to the job page in one click. If a candidate applies using the link, they will automatically be promoted to an applicant.

Create Customised Email Templates

Teams can also curate a wider library of email templates and standardize the look and feel of these recruiting communications.

Faster offer preparation

Administrators will be able to define and package templates so that hiring professionals can focus on getting their offer communicated quickly once they've selected a candidate. The new release will include ability for offers to be sent and signed via Adobe Sign and DocuSign.


To set new candidates up for success this app focuses on administering onboarding guides, driving completion of guides by new hires and analytics of these actions.

Action-oriented Dashboards 

A new dashboard uses onboarding data to surface relevant insights that will enable managers and adminstrators to act on those insights which may include: new hires that haven't yet completed their guides, where late activities are evident and highlighting managers who've yet to send onboarding guides.

Get Insight into New Hires

Key new features include team-based analytics, managerial analysis and a Power BI content packs that will help answer questions about new recruits covering their training process, development of networks and general engagement.

Encourage Guide Completion

The onboarding app is designed to make sure that important activities don't slip through the cracks. This will send out reminder emails and notifications to new hires at important points during the onboarding journey. Hiring managers can change the content, frequency and timing of these emails which can include: activity completion reminder emails and guide reminder messages.

Integrated New Hires Quickly

To increase engagement it will be beneficial for new recruits to participate in 1:1 sessions with a series of people in the organisation. The Onboarding app leverages Office 365 so that hiring managers can set up appointments and export calendar invites.

Solicit New Hires For Feedback

This feedback features allows new hires to rate the content on their onboarding guide and relay their experience back to the hiring manager across the activities and resources in their guide.

Assigning Onboarding Activities

Some onboarding activities might not be for a new hire to complete. In this scenario, activities can be assigned to IT admin, the hiring manager, or another specific onboarding role that is involved in this process.

Share Best Practices using Onboard Teams

With Onboard Teams, department leaders can define their team or department members to streamline reporting, collaboration, and content sharing.

Quick Create Guides by Importing Templates

Hiring managers can import content from other guides or templates to ensure that the latest content is always reflected that will help new hires get started quickly. 

Core HR

Expanded data entities in CDS for Apps

Most Core HR entities are already available in Common Data Service (CDS) for Apps and in this update further areas will now also be made available to extend, customise, and integrate through tools such as Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow.

The specific areas that will be made available, or expanded in CDS for Apps will be: Competencies (skills, certificates, education), Job, Benefits, Compensation and Organisation management

Leave and absence 

Enhancements in this area of Talent will allow organisations to configure leave and absence plans and policies that will meet regulatory and company policies and provide additional insight into employee time off. Leave and absence policies can be configured to fit unique business needs to help them stay compliant and streamline the leave and absence management process

  • Updating time off -  Talent will provide managers and HR the ability to update or cancel an employee's time-off request after it’s been approved
  • Book future time off -  employees see not only their current time-off balances, but also what their time-off balances will be in the future


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