The Act! Premium Companion App Revisited

The Act! Premium Companion mobile app was launched in 2016 and during the past 12 months a series of updates have significantly extended its capabilities.

**** NEW UPDATE: Act! Companion 2.0 Now Available ****

We shared an introductory walk-through tour of the app a few months back and in this post we'll focus on what's new.

To get started, Act! Premium Companion requires an active Act! Premium subscriptions and the use of either the Act! web API, or Act! Connect Link which will depend on your deployment method. For Act! Premium Cloud, the web API is already enabled.

This is required because the Act! Premium Companion requires users to enter a URL of their Act! database to establish a connection.

Detailed instructions are shown at on the Act! knowledge base.

The Companion app available to download for iOS devices on the app store or for Android devices from Google Play.

Recent updates have added new functions to create new Act! contacts through the app.

In addition to mandatory fields the app pulls through all the other contact field that enables new records to be created with as much, or as little, data as needed.

For existing contacts, the Act! Premium Companion app enables users to update fields from a new edit control. Once edits are saved they will immediately be shared with other Act! users with no need to sync any data.

Using the app, activities can now be more easily scheduled directly from individual contact records.

Simply tap the Create Activity button to open a new activity record.

Another enhancement enables more detail to be tracked on each activity saved in the app. Track what the activity is 'regarding' , who the participants are, and what the location is.

Embedded maps are brand new feature for Act! Premium Companion. 

Tap the map pin icon where a location appears to visualize this relative to your own location. 

From this, users can tap to view other places of interest and start navigating to this site on their device which can be launched through Google Maps, or other satnav apps. 

Act! Insight Dashboards are a major improvement in the latest v20 release for Act! Premium subscribers. 

From the Companion app, users can gain insight into business and team performance with the same interactive, graphical Act! Insight dashboards that are available using the desktop and web editions...READ MORE

If you have any questions about the Act! Premium Companion mobile companion app, or you want to upgrade to the latest edition of Act! Premium to access these are other subscriber-only features please contact Preact to find out more.