A Quick Guide to Dynamics 365 Team Member Licences​

Dynamics 365 team member licences

In this post we are focusing on the light user licensing option for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft terms light Microsoft Dynamics 365 users as Team Members, and these licences are for individuals who only need limited access across Dynamics 365 tables.

Access is restricted to a dedicated Team Member App, which can be configured to include navigation for up to 15 Tables.

Users can have full read access across all Dynamics 365 tables, including Sales, Customer Service and Project Service. A 'full' user of Dynamics 365 for a single role-based first-party app will also have Team Member capabilities.

For example, a user licensed with the Sales app could also use Team capabilities to read Customer Service data such as entitlements, subject to the standard Dynamics user security permissions.

Team Member licenses are a useful consideration by enabling Dynamics to be shared with more individuals at a significantly lower rate compared to the price of a full licence.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Member Licences & Applications Experience

Video Transcript

This is just a short video on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Team Member licences. I thought I'd start on this first s…

This is just a short video on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Team Member licences.

I thought I'd start on this first screen, just by showing you the Preact licensing guide that we've put together. Just a nice visual to compare licence types, but you can see the first notable thing that you don't get with Team Member licences is the Accounts. You can view an Account, you just can't edit any Accounts, you can't create new Accounts.

Typically most of our clients that have got Team Member licences are using their licences to manage their day-to-day communications, tracking their emails with contacts. You can see down here as well, there's a limitation on 15 custom entities. So you can have custom tables, and we can add that to Team Member App, and we can also customise a site map to bring in some other tables. But they would very much be read-only tables, for you to be able to use.

So just moving on from this, I'll just quickly show you the app. For anyone who's licensed with a Team Member App, depending on whether it's a Sales Team Member licence or whether it's Customer Service Team Member, by default the Sales Team Member App will be installed into your environment but you'd have to install the Customer Service Team Member licence from the Power Platform if you would like to use that as well.

So we can only see the Sales Team Member when we click into this, this is what it would look like. You can see it's a very restricted version. It's got Activities, so it allows me to go in here and create Activities, and I can see Activities from all of my fellow colleagues.

You can see if I go onto the Accounts table, what I won't be able to see is, I don't get the option to create a new Account. You can see here, it doesn't allow me to click on "New", so it doesn't allow me to create an Account. Again, this is a licensing restriction. If I click into one of the Accounts, you can see straight away it's going to say you don't have certain permissions. But up here you can see read-only, you don't have access to edit this record. So you can't edit here, but we've still got read/write access over these accounts.

Now if I go on to the contacts, again, you can see because we're allowed with a Team Member licence to create a new Contact, I've got the "New" button. I can create a new Contact and I can edit an existing contact as well. We've also got our activity, so we can append these, phone calls, appointments, emails, to the Account. We just can't edit the Account.

The other two things that you get with your Sales Team Member is Leads and Opportunities. So again, we can see Leads, if I change this just to look at say all Open Leads, for example, then I can see all the Leads. If I click into one of these Leads, then you can see again read-only access, you are not allowed to edit this but you've still got the read/write access over this if you need to. Same with Opportunities.

The other type of Team Member App is the Customer Service one. Clicking into Customer Service Team Member, and you can see again it's a very restricted, dumb down version of the actual Customer Service App itself. We can see knowledge searches, we can see Cases. Again, if we click into a Case, you can see what you don't see, is a business process flow, you've got a very limited form as well. But it allows you to raise a Case against a set default Account. You'd need to set the account against this as well. It's just allowing one of your users to basically create a Case, and all those Cases will be listed against whichever default Account you set up when we set this up.

The other thing just to note as well is the security roles that come with these apps. You can see in the background here, Sales Team Member, and if I just scroll up there is one in here as well for Customer Service Team Members. So you would need to give these to the people that need them, and you can see this is the Sales Team Member that we're looking at. You can see, if I click on call records you can see read/write access over Accounts. Contacts obviously there's more flexibility.

You can see it's a very restricted type of licence. But if you want somebody to be able to add Contacts and Activities and any of those 15 custom tables, then a Sales Team Member licence is a really good licence to opt for. It's just a very restricted licence, you can't do everything you would do with a full Enterprise App licence.


What capabilities do Team Member licences have? And, what functions do they lack compared to a 'full' Dynamics 365 user?

Dealing with the first part, we've listed a selection of Team Member functions:

  • Full read access across all Dynamics 365 tables
  • Write access to Contacts, Notes and Activities
  • Write access to a maximum of 15 x custom entities
  • Update personal information
  • Submit and approve time / expense entries
  • User reporting and dashboards
  • Access by web, mobile, tablet and via Outlook
  • Run on-demand processes (for permitted entities only)
  • Perform advanced finds
  • Create personal views
  • Associate a marketing list with an account or contact
  • Create, update and delete email and Word templates
  • Mail merge
  • Export to Excel (if authorised by administrator)
  • Add or remove a connection for an account or contact


A selection of create / edit functions not available for Team Member licences include:

  • Create, edit or delete leads and opportunities
  • Create, edit or delete accounts
  • Create, edit or delete knowledge posts
  • Quick Campaigns
  • Customer Service Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Create leads or opportunities
  • Create work orders
  • Create marketing list
  • Schedule board and resource schedule management
  • Configure system views and system dashboards
  • Products and price lists
  • Create, edit or delete quotes and orders
  • Contracts
  • Work orders
  • Customise business processes
  • Create forms, entities and fields
  • Create and update system charts /dashboards
  • Run standalone canvas Power App
  • Customer Voice usage rights

There maybe people in an organisation who will benefit from being connected to a shared platform but don't currently have access to Dynamics. Rather than forcing users to pay for capabilities they don't need, Team Member licensing provides basic Dynamics functionality at an entry level price.

Users can access relationship detail, share communications and perform basic tasks to collectively increase productivity, deliver better service and gain new actionable business insights.

As an alternative, Power Apps Plans provide full access to the account entity in Microsoft Dataverse and entitlement across unlimited custom entities.

Learn More About Team Member Licences

Check our Dynamics 365 licensing page to access more resources about the licensing of Dynamics 365, or request a free licensing check. If you want to know more about the Team Member licence we are here to help. We'll answer your questions, help reduce licensing complexity, and make sure that you licence users for only what they need. Request a call back now and we will follow up to discuss your requirements.

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