A Quick Guide to Dynamics 365 Team Member Licences​

Team Member licences

In this post we are focusing on the light user licensing option for Dynamics 365.

Microsoft terms light Microsoft Dynamics 365 users as Team Members. This licence is designed for individuals who only need limited access across Dynamics 365 apps.

Through a Team Member licence, users have full read access across all Dynamics 365 applications including Sales, Customer Service and Project Service. A 'full' user of Dynamics 365 for a single role-based first party app will also have Team Member capabilities.

For example, a user licensed with the Sales app would also be able to use Team capabilities to read Customer Service data such as entitlements, subject to the normal Dynamics user security permissions.

Team Member licenses are an important consideration as these enable Dynamics to be shared with more individuals within an organisation at a significantly lower rate compared to the price of a full app.


What capabilities do Team Member licences have? And, what functions do they lack compared to a 'full' Dynamics 365 user?

Dealing with the first part, we've listed a selection of Team Member functions:

  • Full read access across all Dynamics 365 apps
  • Write access to Contacts, Notes and Activities
  • Write access to a maximum of 15 x custom entities - since October 2018 *
  • Update personal information
  • Submit and approve time / expense entries
  • User reporting and dashboards
  • Access by web, mobile, tablet and via Outlook
  • Run on-demand processes (for permitted entities only)
  • Perform advanced finds
  • Create personal views
  • Associate a marketing list with an account or contact
  • Create, update and delete email and Word templates
  • Create and run embedded contextual canvas Power App within the model-driven app
  • Mail merge
  • Export to Excel (if authorised by administrator)
  • Add or remove a connection for an account or contact


A selection of create / edit functions not available for Team Member licences include:

  • Create, edit or delete leads and opportunities
  • Create, edit or delete accounts - since October 2018 *
  • Create, edit or delete knowledge posts - since October 2018 *
  • Quick Campaigns
  • Customer Service Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Create leads or opportunities
  • Create work orders
  • Create marketing list
  • Schedule board and resource schedule management
  • Configure system views and system dashboards
  • Products and price lists
  • Create, edit or delete quotes and orders
  • Contracts
  • Work orders
  • Customise business processes
  • Create forms, entities and fields
  • Create and update system charts /dashboards
  • Run standalone canvas Power App
  • Forms Pro usage rights

* Dynamics 365 customers as of October 2018 will not be impacted to these changes to Team Member use rights announced in 2018 until 31st January 2021...READ MORE

There maybe people in an organisation who will benefit from being connected to a shared platform but don't currently have access to Dynamics. Rather than forcing users to pay for capabilities they don't need, Team Member licensing provides basic Dynamics functionality at an entry level price.

Users can access relationship detail, share communications and perform basic tasks to collectively increase productivity, deliver better service and gain new actionable business insights.

As an alternative, Power Apps Plans provide full access to the account entity in the Common Data Service and entitlement across unlimited custom entities.

UPDATE: Be Prepared for Dynamics 365 Team Member Licensing Enforcement

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