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Dynamics 365 for Marketing Email Editor

Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes in built capabilities for email marketing, customer journey management, event management, landing pages and lead scoring.

The Dynamics 365 app is built on the Microsoft Power platform to provide an embedded solution for marketing teams that are currently using a disconnected email marketing service, or users who need more than the basic marketing features available in the Sales app.

In this post we focus on how the app is licensed by covering three available licensing SKUs. This reflects revised licensing that is applicable from 1st October 2019.

While other Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps, such as Sales and Customer Service, are licensed per user, the Marketing app is tenant-based and metered by the number of contacts used by D365 for Marketing (see below). As a result, this doesn't form part of the Dynamics 365 user licensing model that consists of base and attached apps.

As a tenant-based licence, Dynamics 365 for Marketing can be installed, configured and used within a single Dynamics environment. There is no requirement to purchase user licences for the Marketing app and administrators are able to manage user access through the admin portal.

Defining 'Marketing Contacts'

These are contacts associated with a marketing activity. This will include any contact and engagement through marketing emails sent, landing page visits, forms submitted, LinkedIn integrations and survey invitations.

Aside from contact records, users are able to query other entities when defining audience segments. This includes leads but these must be linked to a contact record in same Dynamics environment.

Contact records are only counted where these are engaged with marketing activities using the app, or connected through the capabilities this delivers. For example, this would include a new contact who registers for an event that is managed within D365 for Marketing.

Inactive contacts, or any active contact excluded from marketing activities, won't be counted as a 'marketing contact'.

Customers with minimum 10 x Dynamics 365 Qualifying Licences

Organisations licensed with a minimum of 10 qualifying Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement licences (Enterprise or Professional licences, excludes Team Member licences) receive entitlement to deploy the Marketing app at a reduced amount. This totals £565.60+VAT per month and includes capacity for up to 10,000 marketing contacts.

Additional marketing contact capacity can be purchased at a tiered add-on cost. As an example, the base price for an additional 5,000 marketing contacts totals £188.50+VAT per month.

Customers with fewer than 10 x Dynamics 365 Qualifying Licences

For new customers, or existing Dynamics 365 with fewer than 10 qualifying licences, the UK price for Dynamics 365 for Marketing totals £1131.20+VAT per month.

This also includes entitlement for up to 10,000 marketing contacts with additional capacity available at an incremental cost.

If customers don't already have any Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps, purchasing the Marketing app will also provide tenant cloud storage and entitlement to include the Outlook app, Forms Pro and Flow usage.

Customer Engagement Plan Customers with free Marketing app at renewal

The Customer Engagement Plan for Dynamics 365 has previously enabled customers with 10 or more Plan licences to deploy D365 for Marketing with 2,000 marketing contacts at no additional cost. If an increased volume of marketing contacts was required beyond this 2000 entry-level default, Plan customers would need to purchase a mandatory pack of 8000 contacts @ £452.50+VAT per month before adding any capacity beyond this level.

As the Customer Engagement Plan is no longer available with effect from 1 October 2019, existing customers utilising this legacy entitlement will need to re-license Dynamics 365 for Marketing upon renewal. A qualified offer enables existing Plan customers to continue using this app @ £452.50+VAT per month with capacity for 10,000 marketing contacts.

Send Entitlements

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is subject to a maximum of 100 active segments (target audiences) and the number of monthly emails sent is limited to a maximum of 10 x the marketing contacts capacity on this account.

For example, an app licenced with up to 10,000 marketing contacts will enable as many as 100,000 emails to be sent per month.

Events Portal

Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes a dedicated events portal template. This can be applied through one or more PowerApps portals to drive registrations and event attendance. Portal usage is licensed separately based on portal usage and organisations must purchase sufficient capacity to cover unique user logins and anonymous page views across its portals.

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Microsoft Forms Pro is the recommended solution to distribute surveys using Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Licences include default usage Forms Pro capacity for up to 2,000 survey responses per month.

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Non-Production Application

A non-production deployment of Dynamics 365 totals £188.50+VAT per month.

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