A Quick Guide to Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is now available as an add-on for D365 for Sales Enterprise delivering AI driven insights from data in Dynamics and  Office 365.

Through a combination of analytics and data science on top of Dynamics 365 with Office data, Sales Insights helps leaders answer their most important business questions. 

Now available in the UK, Sales Insights proactively monitors data and uses machine learning to provide insights that helps sales managers:

  • Lead proactively: by understanding sales performance through interactive reports across KPIs, pipeline and deals.
  • Coach effectively: by using resources based on seller engagement and productivity metrics.

With prebuilt dashboards and embedded insights, aggregated KPIs and visualisations are based on sales team hierarchies defined in Azure Active Directory.

Further capabilities include natural language algorithms to derive insights by analyzing emails and notes as well as voice call recordings. Using natural language queries, sales managers can quickly find answers that are supported by rich visualisations using an embedded Q&A control.

Licensing Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Available as an add-on to Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise licences and the Customer Engagement Plan, D365 Sales Insights is priced at £37.70+VAT per user / month.

To find out more and deploy this on your Dynamics 365 instance please get in touch.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive Lead Scoring

A machine learning predictive scoring mechanism scores leads on the likelihood of these becoming an opportunity.

Out-of-the-box, this learning model references related entities including contacts and accounts, as well as unique lead attributes, to report a predictive score representing the probability of an individual lead converting into an opportunity on a scale of 1 to 100.

This is supported by a Lead Grade that categorises from A - D where 'Grade A' leads have highest likelihood for conversion into an opportunity.

To ensure meaningful lead scores, sales teams can customise and tune this model by selecting or disabling signals that contribute to this rating.

A lead score widget within each record shows the top factors influencing a score. These reasons are derived from lead attributes as well as attributes from the related entities to help users improve the score and convert into an opportunity. 

Lead Scoring Detail

Quick Actions / Notes Analysis

Sales Insights isn't just for sales managers. Contextual prompts recommend next best actions for all users to create new records based on notes they enter in the Dynamics 365 timeline (using the Unified Interface). 

For example, when meeting notes, or phone call summaries, are entered, on-screen recommendations will appear. These may recommend creating a new contact record, scheduling a follow-up meeting or a reminder task to reduce user effort in creating these items.

Notes Analysis

Talking Points

To help sales professionals start new discussions with contacts, especially with people they haven't previously spoken to, this new icebreaker function identifies conversation starters.

To build rapport, embedded AI scans attached emails and other communications to recommend important detail about a contact which could be used as a conversation starter. Talking Points include topics that are related to sports, holidays, family and entertainment to help sales professionals start their interactions on a personal note.

Talking Points

Relationship Analytics 

Designed to help sales teams manage their opportunities by providing a health check on their pipeline, Relationship Analytics highlights deals that require attention.

Analytical values are derived from a careful analysis of the people, activities, companies, appointments and emails stored on Dynamics 365 for Sales (Relationship Analytics using Exchange Online data is not yet available in the UK).

From a list view, Relationship Analytics provides an activity history, KPIs, health score, and health trend for contact, opportunity, lead and account records. This is supported by a bubble chart that provides a quick overview of these metrics for active opportunities.

Relationship Analytics

Complete relationship analytics is also available within an individual record to report:

  • Relationship health and trend - showing your overall relationship health and recent trend.
  • Next / last interactions.
  • Time spent - on activities related to the record across your team. 
  • Most contacted - statistics about the customers who are most contacted by your team. These contacts may include Dynamics 365 users who are heavily involved with the customers even if they are not part of the record’s users. 
  • Relationship activities - providing a detailed look at activities over 90 days, broken down by date and activity type such as emails sent, email received, meetings sent, meetings received, phone calls made / received. 

Who Knows Whom (not currently available in UK)

Discover which people in your organisation are already interacting with a prospect based on Office 365 activities.

This feature uses Microsoft Exchange to find people within the user's organisation who've communicated with a specific contact by email to highlight colleagues who might be able to facilitate an introduction, and the strength of this relationship. 

With this insight, you can contact colleagues for help in getting introduced and increase the chances of a positive outcome.

Who Knows Whom

Coming Soon

New preview capabilities for Sales Insights were announced in June 2019 for the 2019 Release Wave 2 Plan including:

  • Optical character recognition to analyse and convert hand written meeting notes
  • Adding custom entities / fields to predictive lead / opportunity scoring model
  • Sales assistant in Microsoft Teams to help sellers be more productive including a feed that will show important customer engagements with personalised insights and suggested next best actions
    Sales Assistant

Currently available in preview, Assistant Studio will enter general availability in the next release wave. In combination with Microsoft Flow, this will enable custom 'next best action' insight cards to be displayed that are based on events triggered from 200+ services registered with Microsoft Flow.

Next Steps

If you want to add Sales Insights to your Dynamics 365 instance please get in touch to deploy this app.

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