A Quick & Easy Way To Add Dynamics 365 Sales Leads On the Go

Microsoft Flow is a cloud service that automates basic workflows between apps. Integration between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow enables new functions to be quickly added by connecting data across apps, automating approvals and building personalised workflows.

This simplifies processes in triggering notifications and actions when events occurs to reduce user effort and save time.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of Flow, and how this makes life easier for end users, lets look at a frequent sales scenario.

We have a hot new lead that needs to be logged in CRM.

Perhaps this was uncovered during an on-site meeting, or during a call when travelling to an appointment.

To start the process, this quickly needs to be tracked in Dynamics 365 before any important detail is forgotten.

As the lead was identified during a conversation the obvious methods for adding this on the go will be via the D365 mobile app, or using the regular browser interface.

Using the full Dynamics mobile app could prove a rather heavyweight solution and might be too time consuming, especially if there is a need to first download and apply an app update. This provides way more for capabilities than are needed for this specific requirement. We just want a no frills way to create a lead record in Dynamics in just a few seconds.

There is a far quicker solution to complete these type of recurring light usage requirements and the answer is a Microsoft Flow app!

To demonstrate an example, we'll tap to open the Flow app on a mobile:

Next, we'll browse the available workflow buttons within the app that will trigger on-demand processes in Dynamics:

In this instance, we have a 'New Lead' workflow button that has been configured to provide a quick and easy way to track a new lead:

Tapping this opens up a lead form.

The app has been designed with just the essential lead fields that are needed to write new records back to Dynamics 365. In addition to contact details this includes a brief description of the new lead:

By tapping 'Done' this will be applied to Dynamics. The new lead will then appear in the list of open leads and progressed when the user is again online:

This is just a basic example. Other requirements might require more detail to be captured at this early stage but the best thing is, Flow apps are easily customised thanks to native Dynamics integration.

Flows can cover many other business scenarios. In another instance there may be a need to use a similar light app to quickly log new service issues as Dynamics 365 cases. For example, if a customer highlights a problem during a meeting.

Microsoft Flow is included with each Dynamics 365 subscription enabling up to as many as 2000 Flows per month across all users with a maximum flow frequency of 5 minutes. Additional Flow capacity and increased frequency can be added for an incremental cost.

Please get in touch if you want to understand how Microsoft Flow works with Dynamics 365 to simplify some of your everyday business workflows to save time and improve the user experience.

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