A Closer Look At Act! Insight Dashboards

Act! v20 sees the introduction of Act! Insight dashboards which provide a significant progression from the legacy dashboards when looking at performance across a business, or a team.

Exclusively available for Act! Premium subscribers, Act! Insight is designed to help business owners and management teams analyse their data.

Enabled by default, Act! Insight is listed as a new item in the Act! sidebar.

With a modern interface, the new tool offers greater customisation to adapt dashboards to fit roles and user preferences compared to previous Act! dashboards.

In this example, the default Act! Insight dashboard leads with three charts that depict:

  • Business Health - measured over the financial year showing the total opportunities, won lost and in progress.
  • Revenue vs Costs - providing clarity between the financial costs of recent won opportunities - in this example, sales have recovered well from a poor July and the business appears to have achieved good margins throughout this 6 month period.
  • Activity Profile - a pie chart visual comparing the types of activity scheduled.

Act! Insight enables multiple dashboard views and each of these can be adapted with new charts.

To get started, pop out the edit view panel in the top right corner.

Before making any edits, toggle the top switch to 'Unlocked'.

This immediately enables charts in the current view to a re-positioned and resized. 

Click any chart in the current view and drag this to a new location, or adjust its dimensions to close up white space, or increase its height and width.

From the edit panel, select when the business financial year begins to correctly display annual charts such as Business Health as shown above.

Once the view unlocked, new charts can be very quickly added.

In the above example, the Act! Insights view is named Key Insights and we'll edit this to show an extra chart that provides more detail on the status of the logged opportunities.

Clicking 'Create a Chart' brings up a new panel to define the new dashboard component.

Using the drop-down options, a new chart has been configured to work on the Opportunity entity by counting the Status field and displaying this data in a column chart:

Once saved, the new chart is added to the current Insight view:

Additional charts available include:

  • Average time in stage
  • Marketing effectiveness/penetration 
  • Average time to close an opportunity 
  • Top customers by revenue

To switch between different Insight views, and to see what views are available click 'Select View'. 

By default this consists of Key Insights, Sales Metrics and Customer Interactions.

Select 'Add a View' to create an additional display:

In this instance, switching to the Sales Metrics view brings up a further series of charts that report:

  • Forecasted sales by product
  • Opportunities by sales stage
  • Won vs Lost
  • Completed and forecasted sales by user

This also includes an example of a KPI chart that rolls up the total number of days that existing opportunities have been open.

Act! Insight is available for desktop and Act! for Web interfaces and it is also great to see these new capabilities accessible through the Act! Companion app:

With real-time access to key business analytics, it's never been easier to monitor performance through Act!

Existing Act! Premium subscribers are automatically entitled to receive Act! Insight and the latest v20 update. If you are using an earlier edition of Act! Premium, or Act! Pro please get in touch to arrange a quotation for an Act! subscription.