8 Reasons to Deploy ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards

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The volumes of data available to marketing teams should provide insights to plan campaigns, make performance improvements and demonstrate their contribution to the organisation's results. But in many cases, marketing reporting is fragmented and reliant on manual processes which results in missed opportunities to proactively make improvements.

ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards removes these challenges by creating a clear view of sales and marketing activity to understand what is driving performance, and where attention is needed. With more than 170 KPIs tracked across 12 dashboards, to break down analytics quickly and effectively, ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards connects sales and marketing performance to pipeline and revenue.

If your organisation is already using ClickDimensions, Intelligent Dashboards is the perfect add-on to improve visibility, demonstrate ROI, increase team collaboration and allow marketing teams to make adjustments in real-time.

Here, we've shared 8 benefits...

1. Save Time with Prebuilt Dashboards

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Intelligent Dashboards are prebuilt so minimal configuration is required to activate this add-on. This eliminates the need to build reports and dashboards, and in most cases, no IT assistance is needed to get started - just a few minutes to configure user accounts and select which dashboards should appear for each user. Once deployed data will begin showing across dashboards within 24 hours.

2. View all Reporting in One Place

ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards are designed to save time by bringing reporting and performance metrics together in one place. For any marketer that regularly jumps between Dynamics 365 and other resources to track activity and measure performance, this enables time to be better focused on analysing data to uncover insights.

3. Integrated Sales & Marketing Reporting

Out-of-the-box dashboards include Sales Funnels, Campaign Performance, Email Marketing, Forms and Website Performance. Intelligent Dashboards help integrate sales and marketing teams, and strengthen communication, by providing a unified reporting platform and transparency across these processes and recurring workflows.

4. Easily Follow Trends for Key Metrics

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In comparison to the standard reporting capabilities of Dynamics 365, Intelligent Dashboards makes it easier for marketing teams to follow trends in the metrics that matter to them. Instantly follow the movements in lead generation, email engagement, web traffic and other KPIs between weeks, months or longer terms.

5. Keep Goals in Sight

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Define goals for any tracked metric to measure progress on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This enables any variances to be quickly identified so prompt action can be taken across email deliverability, click rates, lead conversion, automated campaigns and other key performance indicators.

6. Connects with Google Analytics

This includes prebuilt integration with Google Analytics to conveniently review dashboards covering web traffic, visitors and content alongside other marketing and sales metrics. Further integrations including Google Ads, Google Search Console and Microsoft Ads.

7. Simplify Management Reporting

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Share access to one, or more, live dashboards with other teams members to increase the visibility of sales and marketing activity. Or, export dashboards into PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations that provide in depth management reporting but require no additional effort to produce.

8. Personalise Your Workspace

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A recent enhancement allows users to personalise marketing dashboards to reflect their branding. In addition to uploading an organisation logo, the background image and chart colour palette can also be updated. To handle exports, dashboards can be output using a fully branding PowerPoint template.

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