7 Ways to Improve Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile User Experience

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Whether it's Sales teams who travel to meet customers, Field Service Technicians visiting a site to conduct repairs, or even Marketers during an in-person event, there are many different scenarios where users need to access Dynamics 365 on their mobile phone or tablet.

In this blog we've covered a range of controls and features that can be used on forms in Dynamics 365, or model-driven Power Apps, to the improve experience for mobile users when updating data and completing processes.

1. Auto-Complete

By enabling the auto-complete control, users are able to select a value from a drop-down menu where options are based on characters already input.

In this example, the user is selecting a product on a quote record. Other examples could be to select an associated Account or Contact, the currency a quote is being made in, or the Entitlement on a Case record.

Auto Complete Gif 4

2. Toggle Control

With a simple press, users can switch the control between two values. For this example, the toggle control is being used to note whether tasks for a project have been completed.

The control can be used for any two values, for example:

  • Yes/No
  • Sent/Unsent
  • Active/Inactive
  • Complete/Incomplete
Toggle Gif 4

3. Number Input

An alternative to typing in numbers, this input control provides users with the option of using plus and minus buttons to adjust the numerical value in a field.

This makes it easier to quickly make small adjustments to numbers by saving users from having to click into the field and having to retype.

In the example shown, the number input control is used to adjust the quantity of a product on a Quote record.

Number Input Gif 3

4. Pen Control

Require a signature? Simply use the pen control on a mobile or tablet device, to make it easier to capture a signature, as it avoids the need to upload a signature or use a separate application outside of Dynamics 365.

Here the user is capturing a customer signature on a Field Service work order to show the customer is happy with the work completed. Signatures can also be captured to note that a contract has been read and understood, or that a Quote is approved.

Pen Control Gif 3

5. Star Rating

A useful visualisation that allows users to enter a rating, enabling other users to see how well something is doing. This control supports a range of up to five stars.

For this example, the user is rating the likelihood of a Lead converting. Other examples could be, rating how well a relationship with a client is doing and how influential a Contact is for decision-making on an Account.

Star Rating Gif 3

6. Barcode Scanner

Use this native scanner to detect a barcode in view, which then can be pasted in a single line text field.

The control works for both Android and iOS devices, and can be used to quickly identify products, track what has been installed for a client, and help avoid mistakes when entering long identification numbers.

Barcode Gif 3

7. Built-in Audio Recording

You can use the audio recorder for any requirements you may have to capture sounds. Such as recording sales meetings, or field technicians who need to capture the sound of a broken machine.

Alternatively, use your voice to make notes in between meetings, or simply when talking is a quicker option than speaking.

The audio can be saved as a note on the timeline of a record, along with any supporting text.

Audio Recording Gif 3

Next Steps...

Each organisation has different user requirements to collect and update data. Here at Preact, we will understand your processes to determine how best to optimise your data fields and forms for mobile device users.

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