6 Benefits of Using ClickDimensions as Your Social Marketing Automation Platform

ClickDimensions Social Media Publishing

According to the 2021 Sprout Social Index™, increasing brand awareness and community engagement, were the most common goals organisations had for their social network campaigns. It is no longer enough to just post some content; creating appealing content that resonates with your audience now takes careful planning.

The ClickDimensions marketing platform provides basic social features as part of its default embedded capabilities in Dynamics 365. However, this only stretches as far as publishing posts. To effectively create and maintain social campaigns, an integrated social platform that allows you to make data-driven decisions is needed.

In this blog, we highlight six benefits organisations gain from using the ClickDimensions Social Marketing add-on, which gives marketing teams access to a dedicated platform. Here you can optimise your social marketing campaigns with smart and intuitive functionality, built specifically with B2B marketers in mind.

1. Effective scheduling


Manually posting on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other networks, requires your team to stop what they’re doing, and take time out of their day to post.

On top of that, researching when to post seems impossible. Everyone has different opinions as to what works, and when you should post on each social network. Whilst they may not be wrong, it’s so difficult to know if it will work for you, since everyone has a different audience.


With the ClickDimensions Social add-on, you can easily create new social posts in your calendar to go out immediately or schedule these for another time or date. Click and drag posts to move them around, and go out with key messages across your social networks at just the right time. The easy-to-use calendar saves marketers time, by allowing all social posts to be scheduled using one interface, avoiding the need to manually post across each network.

Not sure when the right time is?

Test out different days and times to see when you achieve the highest impressions and engagement. Using a handy “Engagement by Time of Day” visualisation, you’ll be able to see how well posts have performed by day of the week, and time of day, to optimise your future post times.

ClickDimensions Social Media Engagement by Time of Day Metric

2. Engage in Conversations


Working across multiple social networks can be quite a handful. For example, monitoring conversations within your industry, tracking mentions and comments involving your organisation, and content posted by the accounts you follow. As a result, it can be difficult to focus on the information that matters most to your business.


In ClickDimensions Social, you can take advantage of social listening streams which track all your social interactions and feeds. These can be split into separate streams for each network, by interaction type, or just to keep on top of social conversations.

Using the social “Inbox” view, you can be sure to never miss a social comment or message to quickly identify actionable posts and follow up with potential leads. Keeping up with conversations from multiple social networks can feel disorganised, especially if there are a mix of conversations such as service questions and complaints, so ClickDimensions Social provides an intuitive interface that helps teams provide prompt responses to foster positive interactions.

ClickDimensions Social Media Streams
ClickDimensions Social Media Inbox View

3. Appealing Content


Generating value from social media can be difficult for organisations that lack employees with this experience. How do you know what sort of content to publish? Staying up to date with news and trending topics can take up a lot of time, if you’re having to manually gather ideas, and there are no guarantees that a new topic will be popular with your audience.


Using ClickDimensions Social, another benefit of its social listening streams are “Keyword Streams” which allow you to see what others are saying about particular topics. Track keywords and hashtags that are related to your organisation, and would be of interest to your audience, and ClickDimensions will curate a collection of articles and videos that you can easily reshare or provide ideas for inspiration.

Within its “Analytics” display, you can also find a “Popular Terms” word cloud that shows the terms and keywords in your social messages that received the most engagement.

ClickDimensions Keyword Streams
ClickDimensions Popular Terms Word Cloud

4. Connected to CRM


How do you connect engagement from your social channels, to leads in CRM? You could be unknowingly engaging the same prospects with your social messages, but since you haven’t been able to identify them, you aren’t able to nurture these leads.

This disconnect creates a further issue of teams not being able to accurately attribute social interactions to their sales pipeline and revenues. Understanding the return on investment (ROI) from social campaigns becomes very difficult because it's often subjective, rather than based on data.


As ClickDimensions was created to fit perfectly within Dynamics 365, users can find data such as “Social Clicks” within the system. If a prospect has ever been identified, such as filling in a web form for a gated resource, and then goes on to interact with your social messaging later down the line, users can be alerted, enabling them to follow up accordingly.

Social networks can be added as lead generation channels, and selected when creating new leads. Users can see at what point in their prospect's journey they may have interacted with your social messaging and how this drove any subsequent actions.

The same can be applied with your existing customers! Seeing customers interact with your social posts, firstly allows you to understand what they find interesting, but also gives you an indication of topics Account Managers can discuss during engagement calls, or even personalised content to send.

ClickDimensions Social Clicks in Dynamics 365

5. Empower Advocates


Not only does employee advocacy amplify your message by reaching those who may not be connecting with your organisation’s social pages, it encourages your team to develop their personal brands. These personal brands tend to be favoured by prospects and customers, as they are often perceived as more authentic and trustworthy compared to corporate messaging.

But my team don’t have the time to get involved with marketing activities, or figure out what to post?


The ClickDimensions Social add-on allows you to publish content on behalf of members of your team, for example your Managing Director, who may have a larger following. If team members don’t have time to manage the content themselves, posts can be scheduled within ClickDimensions.

Using its social advocacy capabilities, you can prepare messages for your advocates to easily share, which relieves them of the stress of preparing an effective post. Here you can also track shares and clicks by your advocates, and with a leader board, you can encourage them to get as involved as possible!

ClickDimensions Social Network Advocacy Statistics

6. Analyse Your Success


How do you know how well you’re doing across social? It’s great that you might be implementing new ideas and making better use of time to develop and post appealing content, but how is this benefiting your organisation?

It’s hard to understand how successful your campaigns are when your data is across different platforms, and gathering and analysing it takes up too much time and resource. Making informed decisions becomes practically impossible.


Having a unified platform in ClickDimensions, means that all the important data from your social networks are found in one place. Here you can track key metrics relevant to your marketing goals, and (hopefully!) clearly see a positive trend.

Reporting ROI becomes simpler, and planning for future campaigns is no longer based on guess work.

Analytics in ClickDimensions will allow you to truly understand the impact of your social campaigns, how effective you were at attracting, nurturing and engaging your audience!

ClickDimensions Social Media Engagement Rate Metric

Next Steps…

The ClickDimensions Social add-on allows Dynamics 365 users to do so much more than just create social posts. Whether you already have ClickDimensions and are considering the add-on, or you're looking to get started with a marketing automation platform, we can help you.

If you are interested in gaining the benefits listed in this blog, get in touch, and we’d love to demo the platform to you!

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