50 Reasons to Love Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

The ability to acquire and retain customers is the single most important factor for business success. Not surprisingly, most small and mid-sized business leaders believe that being highly responsive to the needs of clients and prospective customers is fundamental to staying in business.

Technology is crucial in helping firms consolidate customer data, provide new sales insights and react more quickly to new opportunities than ever before.

 Many businesses are transforming and accelerating their growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and in this post we've shared 50 examples to demonstrate its diverse benefits for sales teams.

  1. Collaborate effectively by connecting everyone to a single, shared database of sales and customer detail that is accessible wherever your people work
  2. Dynamics 365 Sales connects with other Dynamics 365 apps including Customer Service and Field Service. Thanks to its common data service, Microsoft Flow and Power Apps this enables seamless, end to end processing across numerous processes and cloud services
  3. Guided process flows help sales teams consistently qualify leads and effectively manage sales opportunities. Configure each sales step and stage to see at a glance what has happened, and what action should be taken next.
  4. Easily adapt to different sales scenarios through process flows with feature branching rules that guide users down different selling paths to reach successful outcomes
  5. Configure automated workflows that alert individual users when important events occur, for example if a new account is assigned or when a new opportunity is logged / won
  6. Personalize record forms for contacts, accounts, lead, opportunities, and any other entity to display the fields relevant to a defined user role or individual preferences
  7. Apply roll-up and calculated field types to automatically populate fields based on other data entries
  8. Enrich data quality by dynamically hiding / showing field detail, making fields mandatory or showing recommendations when defined conditions are met
  9. Easily customize Dynamics 365 list views to show the customer and sales detail that matters most to you
  10. Open list views including opportunities, contacts and leads in Excel Online and save multiple edits directly to Dynamics 365
  11. Run simple keyword searches or advanced queries to quickly find any relationship or sales detail
  12. Track active competitors on each deal to understand which opportunities, and how much business, you have won or lost against rival organisations
  13. Associate individual Dynamics 365 users with a sales opportunity to define the sales team and the respective responsibilities of each person, and see which active opportunities each individual is working on.
  14. Track each stakeholder involved with an opportunity to see at a glance the role and decision making influence of each person
  15. Use Dynamics 365 to create a catalogue for each product you quote on, or connect with your ERP database to pull this data in
  16. Connect Dynamics 365 with your ERP solution for two-way sync including end to end processing from lead to order processing and invoicing
  17. Create sales order templates and connect these to an electronic document signing service for rapid, paperless processing
  18. Understand why business is won and lost by tracking outcome reasons each time a sales opportunity is closed
  19. Enjoy a consistent user experience across desktop, browser, Outlook, phone and tablet thanks to Dynamics 365's unified user interface (new in v9.0)
  20. Make informed sales decisions with real time data through personalised dashboards, including pipeline summaries, that track your key sales metrics 
  21. Gain more actionable insight by connecting Dynamics 365 with Power BI to bring sales and customer data to life with graphical visualizations
  22. Stay informed by accessing complete detail about every prospect or customer in one place by integrating web forms, webinar registrations, completed surveys (includes integrated Microsoft Forms Pro surveys) and email marketing
  23. Trigger an automated sequence of emails to nurture sales leads and receive notifications when individuals respond by connecting Dynamics 365 with marketing automation services including ClickDimensions or dotmailer
  24. Do business anywhere by accessing any sales and customer detail on the go through free Dynamics 365 mobile apps
  25. Work offline using a Dynamics 365 mobile app and automatically sync updates when you are next online
  26. Track emails sent and received to any Dynamics 365 record using the Outlook desktop app, Outlook web access or mobile app 
  27. Instantly create new lead, opportunity, account and contact records directly from an Outlook email
  28. Store PDF's and other sales literature in Dynamics 365 to quickly find and attach these to your email
  29. Quickly send emails by inserting any Dynamics 365 template directly into a new Outlook message 
  30. Make sure sales activities don’t slip through the cracks with integrated activity tracking and reminders
  31. As you receive emails from customers and prospects, quickly create new Dynamics 365 tasks, schedule appointments or phone calls for follow-up directly from the email message in Outlook
  32. Open Dynamics 365 contacts and other sales records directly from any tracked Outlook email, and see details of any scheduled activities for these records.
  33. Collaborate with colleagues about any customer account via Office 365 Teams, even if they aren't an active Dynamics 365 user
  34. Connect Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to discover more about your contacts, make new connections and import leads
  35. Relationship insights continually checks Dynamics 365 and Outlook data and prompt users with personalized action cards for notifications and reminders 
  36. Manage groups of customers and other contacts in static or dynamic marketing lists
  37. Organise the management of your selling activity into territories based on product, geography or other criteria
  38. Connect Dynamics 365 with Sharepoint or OneDrive document management for a central library of customer and sales files
  39. Capture notes, images and drawings in OneNote and sync these directly to Dynamics 365 records
  40. Manage complex account, contact or product relational structures with hierarchy views
  41. View online presence indicators with other Dynamics 365 users and initiate calls, emails, or instant messaging through Skype for Business
  42. Protect customer and sales data with role based security profiles that control access to Dynamics 365 and enforce the correct access permissions for each user
  43. Apply auditing capabilities where record entity and attribute data changes are recorded to protect data and comply with regulations, including GDPR 
  44. Configure learning paths to help on-board new users with interactive, step by step instructions through your selling process
  45. Use Microsoft Social Engagement Social Selling to discover and share posts that will help to earn new followers and spark new sales engagements
  46. Convert social posts where buying intent has been identified from Microsoft Social Engagement into new Dynamics 365 sales leads
  47. Activate gamification features to stimulate competition in sales teams and drive increased Dynamics 365 user adoption
  48. Apply theme controls to personalize the Dynamics 365 user interface with your logo and colours to bring this in line your branding
  49. License users for only what they need. Choose the role based sales app, or the customer engagement plan for broader access across customer service, field service and / or project service apps. Or, for light usage requirements choose the Team Member licence to manage contacts, accounts, activities and custom entities, and read any data in Dynamics 365
  50. Choose from a huge network of Microsoft partners, including Preact, who will help you implement and customise Dynamics 365, and support you in maximizing its value

Discover more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and find out how it will help your business transform its sales performance. 

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