5 Benefits of Capturing E-Signatures with a DocuSign Connector for Dynamics 365

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It's tough to keep track of everything if you also have to deal with paper documents. As well as impacting employee productivity, this way of working isn't secure enough in today's digital era.

While your organisation may have modernised many of its workflows with Dynamics 365 CRM, how efficient are your document signing processes? Do you still email documents for clients to print, sign, scan and return for the cycle to repeat?

With an e-signature tool, sales teams can avoid printing, distributing and storing documents manually, saving significant time. You may already use an e-sign tool, but perhaps you don't see the full value because this isn't connected with your Dynamics system?

If you fall into one of these categories, this post is for you. Here we look at how Preact's DocuSign Connector quickly sends documents and collects digital signatures within Dynamics 365.

1) Connected digital document signing process


When an e-sign tool isn't connected to CRM, sales teams can often waste time working between applications to prepare and send their documents and manually upload signed agreements into CRM records. Additional challenges include securely storing sensitive documents, maintaining version control and sharing access with other team members.


By deploying Preact's DocuSign Connector, you can send sales documents to review and sign directly from Dynamics 365 in just a few clicks. For example, send a sales order form for signature via DocuSign from a Quote record without leaving the Dynamics user interface. The Connector can be enabled on any Dynamics table or entity.

Because users don’t have to log in to DocuSign at any stage of this process, or create a separate account, to send documents and track the status, it saves time and avoids needless switching between multiple apps.

Since the Connector comes with free usage credits, there is no need to buy a separate credit pack to access DocuSign. Once enabled, you can click on the “Get Signatures” button on the top toolbar, choose the appropriate document and send it to any number of recipients quickly.

When a document is signed, the PDF is securely stored in the Microsoft Dataverse. It can be accessed within Dynamics, giving authorised team members complete visibility and easy document access in a central location.

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2) Shorten the sales cycle to close deals faster


In the absence of an e-sign tool, recipients might email or print to circulate documents for approval and sign-off. The result is unnecessary friction for customers to approve and confirm these agreements, causing delays in closing a deal. Also, if some data was not pre-populated from CRM, typos and other errors can more easily occur, potentially creating more delays. Similarly, once an order is confirmed, sales teams go through the same tedious process of printing or emailing the signed documents to other teams, such as accounts for invoicing or operations to fulfil the order.


When a deal is ready to be finalised, sales teams want to close the business swiftly. The DocuSign Connector shortens the sales cycle by reducing the time to prepare and send a document for signature to just a few clicks and making it as simple and quick as possible for the recipient to sign. Choose a Word document template in Dynamics to auto-populate values such as the customer name, address, order details and other values, so there is little room for error.

Are there multiple reviewers who need to review the document sequentially? In Dynamics, define the order in which recipients have to review and approve the document.

Without sending the document multiple times, you can send it once and know that the relevant people will be alerted when it's their time to sign. This avoids circulating multiple copies of the same document.

What if your client hasn’t signed the document yet? Set up a reminder frequency to automatically send reminder emails to accelerate the process.

The delays associated with manual methods like printing and scanning the document are eliminated here, and the user can access documents anywhere anytime on any device, improving the customer experience.

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3) Personalise documents with ease


You may have varied requirements that your existing digital signature system does not meet. Perhaps your e-signature tool only offers limited flexibility and customisation options?


The DocuSign Connector for Dynamics provides multiple options to simplify document generation and personalise the process to fit bespoke requirements. For instance, you may require signatures on NDAs from external recipients, or perhaps you need to include supplementary documents such as Terms & Conditions with your order or agreement. All this is possible within DocuSign Connector.

Since all your primary contacts are stored in CRM, sending documents directly from Dynamics is easier and quicker than any other tool. Furthermore, you can preview the document before sending it, make modifications, personalise the email subject, and include an accompanying message.

The Connector allows you to define if multiple recipients need to sign, and in which order, or if individuals just need to have read-only document access. In short, this provides the flexibility to adapt to how you work with contract documents by enabling custom options in just a few clicks.

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4) Free document usage credits


Many small and medium businesses are reluctant to sign up for an e-sign tool because they have limited usage needs and find the pricing models of solutions expensive.


Preact's DocuSign Connector is preloaded with credits for DocuSign envelopes which provide sufficient capacity for most usage needs. There is no need to create a separate DocuSign account or purchase a credit pack. If you already use Dynamics 365, the Connector provides a more cost-effective option to handle signatures than the full-fledged DocuSign application. It can also save you time and effort in managing manual documents in the long run. Best of all, the DocuSign Connector is available at no extra cost as part of our- Elevate 365 managed service or Solutions 365 subscription.

5) Legal validity


Organisations may be hesitant to adopt a digital signature tool because of concerns over the legal validity of electronic signatures.


Signatures captured using DocuSign are legally binding and backed by a court-admissible audit trail. DocuSign signatures comply with the UK Electronic Communications Act 2000, eIDAS and EU electronic signature technical standards, ESIGN Act and the UETA in the United States.

Not just in these countries, DocuSign signatures also meet the definition of a valid electronic signature under the vast majority of laws around the world.

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