Top 10 Managed Service Benefits for Dynamics 365

"You are never done with CRM. Things are constantly evolving.” Gartner Research

Organisations frequently take a phased approach to CRM opting for an initial deployment to one or two teams that focuses on priority issues.

As well as providing a fast route to early success, this strategy minimises upfront costs and avoids the distraction of a long-drawn-out project that takes people away from their regular activities.

Once early wins are secured, attention can focus on the next steps to extend and improve the system.

As Dynamics becomes embedded in a company's culture and processes, and teams become more proficient users, new requirements will be identified to increase its scale.

This puts pressure on administrators to action these requests promptly but with competing demands on their time, delays may result before these can be actioned.

If users encounter a long wait before their requests are made, engagement and goodwill towards the CRM project will soon be at risk.

Our managed services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 recognises that CRM is never done. It continually evolves in response to changing needs and technology.

This subscription provides businesses with a bank of Dynamics hours that are allocated for our experts to implement user requests, make customisations and configure new processes that extend the benefits of the system. 

If your organisation has implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365 but doesn't have the backup of a managed service, here are 10 examples that demonstrate the advantage of a managed agreement from Preact.

#1 Help with all Dynamics 365 / CRM Requirements

In comparison to regular break / fix support, our managed service provides in depth assistance and consultancy across all CRM related requirements.

This includes Dynamics user training, configuring new functions, integration work, creating new automated processes, or delivering your next project phase.

#2 Adapts to Fit Priorities & Budget

You decide how many hours are loaded into the agreement which sets a predictable monthly price. Start with just one hour a month (12 hours annually), or more, for sufficient Dynamics resources to achieve your goals.

#3 Schedule Tasks On-Demand

Allocate hours on-demand by tasks for our team to address new requirements as they arise. Consultancy hours are loaded into each agreement enabling work to be quickly booked that avoids the need to complete a sales order for each item. Spread service hours evenly during the year, or allocate the bulk of these resources in the first couple of months – it’s your choice!

#4 Includes Break / Fix Support

A managed service agreement includes unmetered break/fix Dynamics 365 support at no additional to quickly resolve issues and answer user questions.

#5 Usage of Preact IP

Your subscription also includes usage of solutions in our IP catalogue at no additional cost. This includes applications and controls built for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Recently developed solutions have included a record tagging control and last activities display.

#6 Spread Support Costs Monthly

Budget for the support and development of your system in the same way that you subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with predictable monthly payments.

#7 Phase Your Implementation

Schedule tasks and project work over several months to phase your implementation or development, and minimise interruption.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a vast system and only so much can be consumed in a single implementation. Use managed service hours to extend the scope of your system. For example, this could include marketing automation, field service automation, case management, project management and web portal deployment to increase its benefits.

#8 Be Responsive to User Requests

Use service hours to respond quickly to requests by delegating tasks for our technicians to implement changes and customisations that drive user engagement and increase performance.

#9 Technical Account Manager

One of our technicians will be responsible for managing your account. They will oversee all work carried out, and they'll be in frequent contact to discuss recent activities and share recommendations for additional work. With reliable access to a consistent, named contact who understands your Dynamics configuration, new requirements, questions and issues are efficiently dealt with.

A named Technical Account Manager is available upon request, subject to an agreed engagement plan. 

#10 Outstanding Value

With inclusive support, Dynamics hours and online learning resources, our managed service represents a significant saving compared to the costs of ordering individual consultancy sessions and separate phone cover.

If you aren’t already enjoying these benefits to advance your Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact Preact to arrange a managed service quote and read what our customers say.

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