10 Important Dynamics 365 Changes Now Available

Dynamics 365 Update

The 2020 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 is now available, featuring a series of new capabilities and enhancements. In this post we've highlighted a selection of impactful changes included in this update.

Please get in touch if you want to learn more about these features, or any of the other changes in the 2020 Release Wave 1.

Quick Find Search 

By default, this will now search within an active view across fields defined in the quick find view. For example, using the Quick Find Search from a list of 'My Active Contacts' will only return matching contacts within this defined view. 

As an alternative, administrators can switch back to the earlier search experience that will enable Quick Find Search to run across all records for the entity, regardless of the current view conditions...READ MORE

Search This View

Improved Filtering

Within grid columns, users will gain access to new filtering capabilities to manipulate views which may reduce the need to perform advanced find searches.

This includes new date filters with column filters which can be used on activities and opportunities. On other entity views, filter rules include for 'does not contain','starts with' and specific record names. For option set columns, users will be able to check the appropriate items from a list...READ MORE

The latest release wave also introduces a new Advanced Filtering experience that is expected to eventually replace Advanced Find...READ MORE

Grid Filtering

Team Member Apps

New Unified Interface apps are being introduced for users who are equipped with a Team Member licence. These include Sales Team Member and Customer Service Team Member app modules that will support Team usage rights.

Crucially, Microsoft will be activating licence enforcement whereby the Customer Service Hub, Sales Hub and custom apps will not be accessible to Team Member licences. On 1 April, Microsoft extended this timeline for existing Team Member customers to 31st December 2020. From 1st January 2021, all renewing customers will need to transition to the new Team Members licence.

The early access preview will enable administrator to test Team Member usage with the new apps modules and migrate customisations as needed.

READ MORE: Be Prepared for Dynamics 365 Team Member Licensing Enforcement

Case Resolution Dialog

The case resolution entity will be customisable enabling additional details to be captured when cases are closed. This will enable admins to add fields into a custom form experience that introduces client-side validations.

Dynamics 365 Forecasting

A new set of capabilities for D365 Sales Enterprise is being introduced to improve forecasting accuracy. These include flexible configurations, quota management, multiple types of forecasting, roll-up categories and measurements...READ MORE

Forecast Configuration

Kanban Boards

A series of visual Kanban boards are available during early access preview. These include:

  • Opportunity Kanban board enabling an opportunity to be moved to a different stage by dragging this into a new column. Sales users will be able to switch between the current pipeline grid and the new experience...READ MORE
  • Activity board enabling the same drag and drop capability and similar visualisations to change activity statuses.
  • Forecasts to move opportunities across stages that will update forecast data in real time.
Opportunity Kanban Board

Knowledge Results

Featuring an updated layout of knowledge search results, new capability is being added to pop out knowledge articles in a separate window, and search the knowledge base in the Customer Service Hub app navigation.

Knowledge Search

Case Routing, SLAs & Queues

A new experience for case routing is introduced for the Unified Interface which Microsoft says will bring feature parity with the deprecated web client.

Routing rule

Updated Service Level Agreement administration has been enabled on the Unified Interface that will also bring feature parity with the legacy UI to support actions through Microsoft Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow). Further improvements are designed to make queues easier to navigate and save time with fewer clicks.

Modern Email Experience 

Sales and service teams who use email templates will be able to better navigate these through a simplified look-up and a new 'preview template' option before selection. 

The early access preview also includes a new rich text email editor and a modern toolbar. This also enables emails to be composed in a non-blocking, pop-up window that enables navigation between windows and have multiple draft emails open.

Email Templates

Timeline Improvements

The new release features a series of improvements to the Timeline panel. During the early access preview, administrators can test:

  • Rich text formatting for notes.
  • Keyword search filter
  • Visual indicator of open / closed activities
Timeline Control



An additional preview feature available to test enables Dynamics 365 Records to be opened in a modal dialog.

A further enhancement available to test in the early preview is an enhanced experience to add multiple products to opportunity records...READ MORE

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