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Your data combined with AI offers limitless opportunities to increase performance and achieve competitive advantage.

Preact works with organisations to understand how current pain points can be translated into transformed processes through connected data and AI. These capabilities include machine learning, mixed reality and predictive analytics to reinvent processes and provide unprecedented insights.

If you are looking to improve the handling of any process in your business which involves data, artificial intelligence can have a massive impact.

Preact will help unleash the value of your data and make AI real. We can guide you through the abundant capabilities of Microsoft’s AI products to understand where artificial intelligence will yield the greatest benefit for your business. Contact us to take first step and arrange an initial call.

AI Presentation: The Art of the Practical

Discover how AI solutions can be quickly deployed using prebuilt models, and why you don't need to be a data scientist to reap the benefits. In this video, we share some examples of how artificial intelligence brings direct, bottom-line benefit today. We focus on how AI is delivering value, and how this technology is augmenting processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other business applications.

We've unpacked terms such as Applied AI and Machine Learning to help you understand exactly how AI can be used to transform processes, uncover data insights and enhance service.

Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft’s Cognitive Services provides technology to imitate intelligent human behaviour. This includes the ability to predict, recognise and decide.

These services span language, vision, speech and decision models. Each has a highly developed ‘brain’ and can be rapidly integrated with Dynamics 365 and Azure without the need for a data scientist. With exposure to your data and user feedback, these models can be quickly trained to ensure accuracy.

Azure Cognitive Service

Transforming data analytics

Most business reporting is based on things which have already happened. Machine learning reinvents this approach by asking ‘what will happen’ to understand what changes could be made to improve outcomes.

For example, using AI-powered insights, proactive actions can be taken to influence and optimise consumer behaviour, or to avoid an outage occurring on tracked equipment.

By continuously monitoring data patterns, AI Cognitive Services provide predictive capabilities which can be applied across limitless scenarios. For example, these maybe deployed to assess the likelihood of customer churn or renewal and reveal which actions result in the highest closure rates.

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Identifying actionable insights

As part of Azure Cognitive Services, Language Understanding Intelligent Services (LUIS) builds natural language into apps, bots and connected devices.

These capabilities can also be used to rapidly analyse data at scale. For instance, quickly create custom models which scan survey responses to interpret the sentiment and promote follow-up actions.

Luis process rect

Bots & Virtual Assistants

Use AI capabilities to implement Virtual Assistant bots which provide customers with genuine self-service experiences.

Effective bots are preloaded with useful FAQs, are continually trained and connected with back-end systems. Customers can then get answers to their questions which leads to higher satisfaction and reduced handling costs.

Through a blended approach, our team is able to design Virtual Assistants which link to Dynamics 365 and back-office systems so customers can complete self-serve interactions 24/7 without the need for any human interaction.

Vision AI Models

Train and embed cutting-edge image and video analysis as part of Azure Cognitive Services to accelerate processes and develop frictionless experiences. Examples include:

Customer Example: Age UK Islington

Preact has undertaken an AI project for our client Age UK Islington who provide support services to older and vulnerable people in their local community.

Conversations with these people are at the heart of its work. They’ve found that letting people describe their situation, their problems, and their strengths in their own words is the best way to understand how to help them. But work processes are typically based on a system of defined terms which creates a gap between the natural way of talking and the terminology and structure of a system. Age UK Islington saw that this gap could potentially be closed by using AI.

Preact demonstrated how natural language processing through LUIS could help Age UK better identify where it can help its clients through timely interventions. This project is helping the organisation transition from detailed questionnaires which can suppress authentic answers to capturing richer, more honest answers in response to open-ended questions.

How it Works: Free text is input into Dynamics 365 in response to open questions. This is split into sentences and sent for analysis. The LUIS language model extracts insights from these sentences to highlight potential issues, and the strength of sentiment. These insights enable Age UK Islington’s team to quickly identify where inventions should be made for home repairs, anxiety, loneliness, mental health, bereavement and other concerns.

The LUIS system is being trained and customised to fit Age UK’s specific needs to provide clear but nuanced results. This normally requires a lengthy training process, backed up by monitoring by service managers. This AI solution is intended to replace much of the cost of this training and monitoring requirement.

"Preact’s explanations of natural language processing helped me understanding what the LUIS AI technology could do, and how it worked. This helps me to feel more in control of the system, rather than be controlled by it. Their approach has enabled us to home in on a viable project that will deliver valuable results early on, but with minimal disturbance to current systems of work. This reduced project risk considerably. Preact have combined a ‘can-do’ attitude with a pragmatic and realistic approach to building things that really work. I’m not able to think of anything that could have been done better!" Andy Murphy, CEO Age UK Islington

Next Steps

Microsoft AI technology is able to deliver transformational results to your business today. This can include improving customer experiences, empowering your workforce and removing manual processes.

As the above customer example demonstrates, AI helps organisations achieve more through better understanding of data to engage in a more natural way. Preact will guide you through the maze of data analytics, insights and machine learning to implement practical AI solutions which maximise the value of your data.

Contact us today to learn more how AI can be embedded with Dynamics 365 or deployed through dedicated applications which don’t require a data scientist to manage it.

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