Solutions for Accounting & CRM to Acquire Preact's Act! Business

Since 1993, Preact has been active in the Act! CRM community, helping numerous businesses implement and support the software. Since Version 3.0, we have built our business providing services around the product. We are proud that Preact is the longest serving Act! partner in the UK. 

We fully recognise that we have a duty of care to our clients and the Act! community and after considerable reflection we have taken the immensely difficult decision to sell our Act! business. 

This decision has come about due to our growing focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which now represents the vast majority of our business and we feel that our continued work in this market will detract from our ability to provide the world class service to our Act! customers that we aspire to. 

In our discussions with Swiftpage and prospective purchasers, our primary objective has been to reach an arrangement with a leading Act! business partner that shares consistent values to Preact and is sufficiently resourced to provide our clients with this level of service. 

We are therefore delighted to announce that with effect from Monday 11th February, our Act! business will be wholly transferred to Solutions for Accounting & CRM

In addition to holding the highest 'Diamond' partner status, Solutions has a larger team who are dedicated to supporting Act! so we are very confident that our clients will be safe in their highly capable hands. 

Preact is committed to making sure that this process is smoothly completed and we will be actively assisting the team at Solutions for Accounting & CRM.  This will include:

  • Solutions being responsible for supporting Preact's Act! customers on the same basis as these existing agreements.
  • Solutions managing the renewal of existing Act! Premium Subscriptions currently billed by Preact.
  • Solutions billing and delivering future requirements for Act! training, consultancy and other professional services.
  • Fulfilment of all Act! licensing requirements will be handled by Solutions.

Solutions for Accounting & CRM will shortly be in touch to share more detail about this transition and their plans. 

In the meantime, Solutions Director of CRM Business, Will Ingleby has commented: 

“We are thrilled to be working with those Act! user organisations that have been served so well for many years by Preact. Having interacted with Selom and his team on many occasions in the past, I believe we’ve always shared a similar philosophy and a common approach to delivering customer service excellence. This acquisition makes so much sense to us; extending the community into which we can seek to deliver and support impactful Act! CRM solutions that will drive improvement in clients’ businesses”. 

Click here to read the full press release from Solutions. 

We are pleased that Swiftpage is fully supportive of this acquisition. Lindsay Boullin, Swiftpage International, General Manager has stated:  

“Swiftpage has been working closely with both Preact and Solutions for Accounting & CRM since we acquired the Act! business over 6 years ago. During this time they have both been excellent partners. Of course, we are disappointed to part ways with the team at Preact, but we thank them for the service they’ve delivered to their Act! customers and wish them all the best for the future. Swiftpage is excited to be working even more closely with the team at Solutions for Accounting and CRM –  because we have seen how their focus on delivering high value sales and marketing consultancy really helps their clients to improve and grow their businesses.” 

 As referenced above, our intention is that Act! clients receive the very best care and we are certain that Solutions for Accounting & CRM will provide this for the long term.  

If you have any concerns or questions about this announcement, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to address these points, involving Will and the team at Solutions as appropriate. 

In order to complete this acquisition, it will be necessary for us to share data with Solutions for Accounting & CRM about our Act! customers. This will include us passing on control of relevant personal data that is necessary for the performance of these contracts, in addition to other data that is currently processed in legitimate business interests. 

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank all our Act! clients for their business and loyalty over many years and I trust this change will be beneficial for all parties. 

Best regards, 

Selom Bulla
Managing Director
Preact Limited