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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Partner

As a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, Preact helps SMBs accelerate their digital transformation.

Our solutions connect people, data, and processes, streamlining operations, enhancing collaboration, and enabling data-driven decisions that drive growth. Let us help your business reach its full potential.

What would you like to do?

Integrate your technology, processes and people.

We will work with you to implement efficient workflows and automated processes that remove the burden of data entry, thereby unlocking productivity gains and improving data quality.

Don't just take our word for it - check out our success stories:

  • Age UK Islington and Mencap: see how we helped these organisations move to paperless processing and achieve new levels of efficiency.
  • WS Training: discover how we enabled the company to save up to 90% more time with connected booking processes.
  • Burgess Yachts: find out how we developed a mobile app that streamlined booking processes, resulting in significant time savings.

Actionable data insights.

We will help you unify your data, creating a trusted, single source of truth that can transform your reporting and improve decision-making throughout your organisation. Here are some examples of our success stories:

Let Preact help you unify your data, so this is a trusted, single source of truth to transform reporting and improve decision-making throughout your organisation.

  • Virtual College: see how we helped our client gain richer customer insights by connecting multiple data sources.
  • Age UK Islington: how we've helped the organisation use Dynamics 365 with Power BI to improve its local services.
  • Dart Valley Systems: read how the company saved several days each month by using Dynamics data for its reports.

Are you looking for clearer visibility of your sales pipeline?

We will help your sales teams transition from manually compiling forecasts and updating Excel to using CRM applications that provide real-time analytics. Check out our success stories:

  • Interaction: read about how we helped the company move away from spreadsheets to improve its data capture and pipeline management using Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Fourfront Group: how pipeline reporting was transformed with data-driven insights by deploying Dynamics 365.
  • Digital Workplace Group: how its people become better connected to its sales reporting using Dynamics.

Transform customer experiences.

Our team will help you achieve this goal through case management processes, web portals, knowledge base management, and feedback capture. We'll configure solutions that empower your team to quickly resolve issues and consistently delight customers.

Here are some examples of our success stories:

  • Future Fit Training: see how the business applied Dynamics 365 automation capabilities to complete its student enrollment processes in real-time.
  • BeBa Energy: discover how BeBa uses Dynamics 365 to meet its service level commitments and gain data insights to provide proactive maintenance.

Have you implemented Dynamics 365 but aren't seeing the results you expected?

Through our system take-on process, we'll address your immediate challenges, help you increase Dynamics 365 adoption, and improve performance. Here are some examples of our success stories:

  • Burgess Yachts: how we helped Burgess enhance its Dynamics system by providing product insight and support.
  • Together Trust: see how we rescued a failing Dynamics 365 project and enabled the charity to become more self-sufficient using our Charity Hub Accelerator.
  • Mencap: how we helped Mencap take the next step with Dynamics and provided continuity to support their system.
  • Socket Mobile: Discover the outcomes that the company has achieved with Dynamics using our managed service and regular engagement calls.

About Preact ANS

Preact, now part of ANS Group, is a Dynamics 365 partner helping organisations digitally transform and achieve successful outcomes with Dynamics 365 and solutions built on the Microsoft cloud platform.

Since 1993, hundreds of businesses across numerous industries have trusted us to implement CRM solutions that connect their business processes, protect data, transform reporting, achieve faster sales, and delight customers.

Whether you're considering a new CRM solution or looking to achieve better results from your existing Dynamics 365 system, we offer a flexible approach and friendly service with the reassurance of expert insight from one of the UK's top Microsoft partners.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals with Dynamics 365.

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