Microsoft Dynamics Webinars

A selection of our recorded presentations are listed below:

Editable Grids & More Dynamics Functions You Might Not Know

Introducing new editable grid capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics and demonstrating examples of more recent CRM additions including embedded Power BI dashboards, organisation insights and business rules.

Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps field service teams transform their processes to increase customer satisfaction and resource productivity. 

Demonstrating CRM Integrated Web Portals

Introductory demonstration of the customer self-service web portals for Microsoft Dynamics featuring how they enable organisations to increase scale by deflecting service cases with knowledge sharing and improve client satisfaction.

What's New in Microsoft Dynamics - A Brief Guide

Demonstrating the latest Dynamics CRM features and improvements released in 2015 & 2016 our presentation features new Excel / Word templates, Voice of the Customer surveys, Microsoft Social Engagement integration, Interactive Service Hub, new CRM mobile form controls, Office 365 Groups integration with Dynamics, theme records and much more.

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Introducing the Dynamics CRM 2015 version to new and prospective users and demonstrating it's popularity with organisations that want to improve their service and sales process efficiency.

This presentation includes how to navigate the new Dynamics user interface, using CRM to manage processes, how it can be personalised and how it works with Microsoft Outlook.

Power BI - Bring Your Business Data to Life!

Power BI enables you to get rapid insights from your business data, any way, anywhere. Transform Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Google Analytics, Excel and your other data into rich visuals so you can stay in the know, spot trends as they happen – and push your business further.

What's New in Dynamics CRM 2015

Demonstrating the latest features and enhancements in Dynamics CRM 2015 including:

• Changes to CRM Business Rules
• CRM Search Improvements
• Sales Hierarchies for Products & Accounts
• Branching Logic for CRM Processes
• Calculated & Rollup Fields
• Product Entity Improvements
• Service Level Agreement Changes

How to Make Your Sales Number with Microsoft Dynamics

Demonstrating the sales management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics and sharing examples of how businesses use CRM to sharpen their sales processes. This includes how to qualify leads using the CRM process flow and business rules, preventing neglected opportunities and using CRM statistics to identify sales blockages.

This presentation is ideal for all new and existing CRM users who are interested in learning more about the sales features of Microsoft Dynamics.

Getting Agile! How Dynamics CRM Improves Processes

The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics includes new functions that make CRM more process centric.

In this presentation we demonstrate how these improvements help shorten sales cycles, improve customer service and enhance the user experience. We feature a selection of the new Dynamics CRM 2013 process enhancements including process flows, stage-gating and business rules and demonstrate how these are applied to CRM entities to transform process efficiency.

What's New in Dynamics CRM 2013

A recording of our webinar previewing the improvements and new features included in Dynamics CRM 2013.

• The new CRM navigation bar
• Updated CRM forms including new Auto-Save process, Skype & Lync integration
• New CRM graphical process bars
• Exchange Server synchronisation with CRM
• CRM condition & action-based business rules
• Mobile CRM apps

Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A series of practical steps and tips for using the Dynamics CRM marketing module to manage campaigns, create new opportunities, track leads and measure the results.

Marketing Automation & CRM: Building The Bigger Picture

CRM and marketing automation systems differ in their business goals and features but when combined they enable communications to be targeted with precision to achieve a better customer experience and more effective sales cycle.

Preact teamed up with email marketing and automation experts, dotmailer to demonstrate how marketing automation and CRM brings sales and marketing teams together with a single integrated multi-channel solution.

Why Email Marketing & CRM Are A Match Made in Heaven

In this presentation we share success stories from businesses that have integrated email marketing with their CRM system. We feature examples of how organisations connect dotMailer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to segment their audience, increase email personalization and turn their database into a lead generating machine!